First Week of Half Marathon Training

Today the man who has my heart forever and ever is celebrating his 26th birthday! Happy Birthday to my wonderful, crazy amazing husband! I love you xoxo


I love you even when you stuff cake into my face. And my hair.

Welp, it is here! The beginning of my training for October’s half marathon. I’ve got 20 weeks. Wahoo! Hooray for long training plans 😉

There is a lot of pictures, so I’m just warning you now.

And to sum up how this week felt in one word, it would be: HARD. Unbelievably hard. I don’t know what was going on as to why it was such a struggle on every run.

My first run was Tuesday morning and it was an “easy” 3 miles. No. It was not easy. I thought I was actually going at a pretty good pace and then I saw my average pace. 11:16 (s?*!) was going through my mind. The whole thing was just tough. I had to really push hard to just finish. But not all was terrible, because I ran in new Brooks!


I had to part from the Ravenna 4s because I know they were the cause of that brutal blood blister. And I didn’t want to be sidelined again for something like that. So, I went over and exchanged them (even after 130 miles on them) and got the new limited edition Brooks Adrenaline GTS 13s. Why did I ever stray away from this shoe?! I know what shoe I will be sticking with forever. Brooks Adrenaline fo’ life!

I looked fierce after my run.


It was so humid! My lovely bangs wanted to cling onto my gorgeous face (yeah right) but it was all ok. Hard run, but an ok run.


I ran the next morning on Wednesday for a tempo run of 4 miles. My goal was to keep a 11:15 tempo pace, but I don’t even know if that happened because I was furious when this run occurred. I went out to run and I knew a storm was coming, but The Weather Channel said it was coming in like an hour. No. They were wrong, it came right at 1 mile into my run. And it was a giant thunderstorm so I came in and hung out dripping in water from the lovely storm and just waited for it to pass. After that it was silly humid. I seriously can’t remember anything from this run. Except that I dressed in neon colors. H2T as Tyra would say (head 2 toe).


Ok, this mornings run was brutal. Completely and utterly sucked. The beginning felt awesome, like I was breezing through and was pacing behind this couple. What I remember thinking was, “how do I casually ask her where her top is from?” It was so cute! Anyway, I did not bring food on this long run of 4 miles. This could be the culprit to why it was so hard the second half. The weather was crazy, stupid humid. Like full on muggy and hot and wet and gross. Fully shaded too which kept all that lovely grossness in the air. So at my turnaround point (2 miles) I began feeling off. Like slightly realizing I was losing steam. I brushed it off. At 2.25 I hit the wall. Actually, I slammed into it head first. I could not keep going, I could not pick up my feet to save my life. I was barely crawling. I just tried to get to 3 miles, I kept telling myself to just stay in this mile and once its over there is only 1 left. I had one song playing, just to keep me focused, people passing me like crazy and at mile 3 I lost it. I ran and cried for the whole mile. Anger, disappointment, fear, and just wanting to finish was all happening. Emotion overload. I don’t know how I finished. Honestly, I can’t remember getting to my car. I was so out of it and things blurred that I can’t remember anything else besides me crying. I’ve never ran this slow, just knowing I was getting way past goal really affected me. Can you say I was pissed off? Yes.


Here is why:


11:42. No. Never again. Now, I know everyone runs at different paces. This pace for me however is not ok. The thing I learned from this is I can only get better. I’ll be damned if I hit this pace ever again. But the fear of hitting the wall really got to me. I finally did it and to be honest it was the worst shit ever.

So! Next week will be better, I know it. I’m going to be positive that it will.

And just one more photo of my new shoes so this post needs on a good note.


I love pink. I love Brooks. I love pink Brooks.

Have you ever hit the wall?

Whats the worst pace you’ve ever ran?



9 thoughts on “First Week of Half Marathon Training”

  1. I’m sorry your runs weren’t what you wanted them to be this week, but I know you’ll get there! Are you running the Allstate 13.1? I’ll be there! 🙂

    1. Thanks Jen! The support means a lot!
      No, I’m not running that one this year! I wanted to, but I’m going to the Silver Comet 1/2 since it’ll be more flat and its a smaller race. The Allstate is fun though! You’ll love it!

  2. I am in the middle of a wall! I know you are an avid runner and I just decided to start training for a half too! Now I’m terrified! haha Mine isn’t until next March so surely I have plenty of time to get my butt in gear.

    1. Yay! You’ll be flying through those miles by March! Don’t be scared, it only happens to every runner at some time and I’ve had minor hiccups but today was just the first time it’s really happened. You just have to accept that it’ll happen.

    1. Well I didn’t have problems when I first ran in them, but around 100 miles is when I started to get this one blister than eventually turned into that monster blood blister. The good news is if you have any problems, they’ll exchange for something better. Just be careful!

  3. I never comment on blogs, but I just wanted to say how nice it is to read a running blog about someone who isn’t already running 6 marathons a year. I am running my first half marathon in October and I’ve loved keeping up with your progress. You are a great motivator Brooke!

    1. Thank you so much Lindsay! That is incredibly sweet of you to say such nice things. I try to keep it as real as possible, I’m definitely not the fastest runner, but I’m doing my best and that is what counts. Congratulations on your first half! You’ll love it, greatest running experience!

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