Running 6 Miles

Last Saturday (6/8/13)  I ran my 10K that I was training for and it was awesome! I took off a lot of time, like 10 days after my peel, and went for a typical run of 6 miles.

That didn’t happen.

I managed 6 miles. But I managed a super slow run that took way longer to finish. I took so many walk breaks that it added up to an hour and like 15 minutes. But my running time was 1:08. Yep, it was incredibly difficult to stay strong. Good run, bad run it was a run. That was Tuesday.


My next run I cut to just 4 miles. I was wanting to conserve some energy for Saturday and thought an easy 4 miles would get me in better shape from that Tuesday run. So this is Thursday morning. I thought I could just skip working out all together and come back and bust out a long run like it was easy breezy. Haha, joke was totes on me. I was dying. I was crying. I was 2 miles away from my house. Life over.

I tried a new route near our house so I was really pushing away from my comfort zone in case something were to happen, oh like calling it quits and walking home. Well, this “easy run” was all on hills, because I thought that would be smart…? Whatever, I’m dumb. I am still surprised I even managed to run the first 1.2 miles without stopping.

So here comes the 10K race, and all I wanted was to run and not walk. That was the single goal. I knew I could do it, I did it on May 25. I knew I had enough miles from the week to ensure I could attempt a run longer than 3 miles. The issue was running 6.2 miles and still feeling awesome enough to not walk.

Miracles happen.

I woke up feeling great, typical long run morning prep and I was off at 6:30 for packet pick-up. I was in my cute blue running skirt, bright yellow top, and my body was not jittery (probably the only time this will ever happen). They offered free coffee…from Starbucks. I sipped a tiny bit, only because I was starting to get super tired. At this point I’ve been up since 5:00 AM. I recall it being around 7 now, I was beat.

The race started on time, it was a beautiful scenic route near the river and it was humid as shit. Legit wet blanket status. I kept telling myself to just keep moving. We came near the break-away point where the 5K was going, and I was so tempted to go with them, but knew I’d be so upset if I did. I didn’t train for a 5K, I trained for 6.2 miles.

I took water at every station, getting barely in my body…mostly all over myself because I’m an uncoordinated runner. Then I snacked on cola chews. There was a hill around 3.5 and I ran the whole thing, up and down. Thrilled. At mile 4.5 I wanted to stop, but I battled my emotions and overall I won with the fight to keep going. Then…then the worst happened. At mile 5.65 I HAD TO WALK. I got so light headed and dizzy I freaked out. I knew something was up so I just took an easy walk to 5.7 and started running again. Then the finish was coming up and I was staring up a hill, but whatever I could do this. I eat hills for breakfast.



Gun time of 1:08:3X, with overall pace of 10:58. Garmin (who is correct 🙂 ) says 1:08:13 with 10:56. I wanted to beat the previous time and come in under 1:07, but whatever I was pleased for making it here. I was so happy, I cried in the car. I couldn’t believe that I did it coming back from a mini hiatus. All my fun was quickly gone and died when I got home to shower.


I knew pulling off the blister band-aid that something was up. Once I saw red, I lost it. I’ve never had a blister this big, or being a blood blister. I freaked out. I managed to shower, calmly text my dad and just looked at it for hours. Maybe, I thought it wasn’t so bad. Then I had to walk on it and holy cow, that hurt so bad. With dad’s advice, I wrapped it and went to work where everyone said “eeeeeewwwwwwww!” and that night I had a dream that felt like reality because my foot went back to normal and when I woke up all the blood was gone. Haha, no. It was still there Sunday morning.

Now its all scabby and healing, but I can’t run on it until its healed. I’m allowing one more week before I run again. Plus, my second chemical peel is coming up next Wednesday. So half-marathon training begins June 24 (I hope) and this was a long post. Sorry.

Ever had a blood blister?

Ever cried after a race?

Do you run in hot and humid weather?



2 thoughts on “Running 6 Miles

  1. Claire @YumRuns says:

    Aw I hate blisters! For some reason I managed to train for and run my first half marathon in May with absolutely no blisters or feet problems whatsoever, then the following week randomly got loads of blisters that will not leave me alone! What is with that? Getting blisters from NOT running, that has to be a first! Hope your foot gets better soon!

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