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My Life Lately

Before May ends, I might as well tell y’all whats going on.

First off, on Saturday, May 25 I ran a full 10K. Because my training has ended. And I ran the whole time without walking or stopping ( except for a minor work call) but still, I was on cloud 9. My race isn’t until June 8 and I accomplished this before then. And man, was I sore. I don’t know how adding an extra 1.2 miles can cause so much soreness but it did. I thankfully got new compression shorts from Aspaeris and new compression sleeves from Pro Compression.


I might of gotten a little teary eyed when I was finished. If I can hold on the same way for the race as I did this “practice” run I will be golden. I stuck with slow, easy miles and only picked up around mile 5.5 to the finish. But I’m so proud of myself for doing this!

You know I love a running selfie…


Look at that sunburn. Holy cow, redness city. But its gone now 🙂 and lookie over on my arm, my new yurbuds which I love!

I saw this as well.


I’m an adult child and thought this was hilarious and dirty.

Thats my running as of lately, and right now I haven’t ran since Saturday which is ok. I will try to get out tomorrow morning. I’ve been enjoying getting a little bit more rest in the mornings and not rushing to get out for a run. But I’ve worked really hard to just get here and I’m not slowing down for good, only this week because today I had my first chemical peel.

Say what?

Yep, I am on my way to get clearer skin. I’m like totes over the moon excited! So the only issue I have with this is the guidelines I received with the peel. I can’t exercise while peeling, but I can the afternoon after and the next morning after, but not at all 2 days after and while my skin falls off. That takes 5-7 days out of running. Oh well, all worth it for clearer looking skin.

I looked freshy fresh going into the dermatologist today.


The first time I’ve ever worn white pants, and something that isn’t black. Who am I?! Plus, this is probably the only time you’ll see my ugly runners feet not covered up with Brooks. And there is a gnarly blister under my right foot that keeps getting semi-healed then goes back to full on blister and its a never ending process.

The peel was actually not bad, the worst part was the popping which hurt really, really, REALLY bad. I have cystic acne, nothing severe but enough to make me upset and it leaves the brightest red marks for months so it looks like I have a lot of active breakouts which I don’t. Well mama’s got new products and a summer full of chemical peels and then one laser treatment ahead of her.

I left the office looking like a highlighter.


No, it was much brighter than the picture gives away. I seriously couldn’t capture the brightness of my face. I had the receptionist laughing when I quoted the above statement, “I’m a highlighter.” But its all gone now and my face feels slightly tight, but nothing unbearable. I’m really excited about this journey. And the lady who is doing this is pretty awesome. She is a client at the salon I’m at and she is a genius.

Well, there is the deets to my life right now.

How is your training going?

Have you had any chemical peels? 

Whats going on for you today?


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