I Really Like the Number 5

>>Praying for those in the Okie state<<

I have so much to tell you. Ok, not really, but let us pretend so it seems way cooler than it really is.

First off, I have to show y’all what I grabbed at the Goodwill. I love thrift shopping (before it became “cool” from Macklemore) and my mother and I went to two locations around me. Let me just say, having a Goodwill in a nice area means lots of great stuff! I found some awesome workout tops.


Old school loose tank, Nike dri-fit tank with built in sports bra, and an Under Armor dri-fit shirt. I’ve ran in all 3 and I love them. For instance, I ran in the Nike when it was above 70° for 5 miles. I got sunburnt, but who cares.

Speaking of the number 5, I’m loving it. I’ve only been running 5 miles since I’m training for the 10K on June 8. Running 15 miles a week is tiring though. Soon I’ll be running 16-21 miles a week and Lord knows I will need His strength to make it through everyday.

Lets take a look at my numbers, especially the #5!


That is not from today. But that is the fastest I ran 5 miles. I’m incredibly proud. The week this took place I was really pushing to achieve fast final miles. Like, “I’m about to die and I can’t feel my body anymore because I’m sure its dead” fast.

For example, remember when I was like shell-shocked that I ran a 9:52 mile…well this happened:


I call this “run-kill” because I couldn’t move for like 10 solid minutes. And there I am in my Goodwill find! Plus a running skirt. I’m so obsessed with running skirts. I can’t remember the last time I ran in my Nike Tempo’s. Well, after this run, this happened 2 days later:



9:07 mile. Boom.

I seriously haven’t seen a mile that fast since last May when I ran a 8:44 mile. Hard work and dedication. Proof you can do anything. Now, that being said I have not ran that fast since this ran took place. One, I need to work on pacing so I can get a feel for how fast I want to run the whole 10K. But I’m super proud of that number! And the fact that I had that energy after running 4 miles prior.

This Saturday if I feel well-enough I am going for a full 6 miles. Yes, you can guarantee it will be over an hour long. I’m slow. I’m totally ok with it. I’d rather be slower and able to run the full distance without stopping or walking than sprint and be walking in parts. There is nothing wrong with that, but I like being a distance runner. Hard to believe I will be training for another half-marathon soon.

How are your training plans going?

Ever find awesome finds at Goodwill?


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