Get In The Mind Of A Runner

While running, there are many different thoughts that go through ones mind.

The one everyone tries to avoid is “just take a break, stop.”

Then you talk to yourself and people look at you all strange and you’re just like, “yo, you are not in this convo so just butt out.” Yeah they will definitely call you crazy because you’re telling them to get out of your conversation with yourself. Maybe or maybe not its happened to me.

Regardless, keeping your mind at bay can be a challenge. Its hard to keep a positive thought process when your body is dying. At least it feels like its dying because everything hurts. Like your lungs, eyes, that chafe mark in your underarm, and you don’t know if you have legs anymore.

If you were to go in my mind when I’m running, you’d laugh. A lot. And really, really loud till your sides hurt and you’re crying.

“Ok, this is going to be great. Totes great.”

20 seconds later…

“OMG I have to pee, like so bad but I’m not turning around or stopping.”

Like a minute later…

“What would Britney Spears wear while running? Would she listen to her music? OMG would she like my playlist?”


“I am dying. This is what it feels like to die. How much longer? OMG its only been 6 minutes?! WTF #$&%!”

Ok the last one is sorta true. But I generally don’t think about anything else besides running when running and most of the time it kills me. I lose energy and overall time because I seem to get super negative about my pace and time.

But then there are runs that literally blow your mind. You can’t believe it just happened, you take a picture of everything to prove its real.

I had that on Tuesday. I finished my C25K plan and started the 10K Trainer which I am so loving. I had to run for 17 minutes x3 with only a minute walking break in between. I was so excited to run, because on Saturday I ran the world’s smallest 5K near our house and about DNF. It was pouring rain, like pouring to where it stung my legs, and it was so cold. I think in the high 40s. I finished slow, but it was miserable. So anyway I ran Tuesday with the goal of just running. Getting further than 4 miles.

And it so totes happened. I ran 5 miles.


Wait! It gets even better!


OMG?! A mile under 10 minutes. A mile in the 9:00’s. I felt amazing during this mile too. I saw my pace on my BFF Garmin and was like I can keep this up for like 6 more minutes and then it said to stop but I was so close to 5 full miles I had to finish and I did, 2:30 minutes over the set time. I had the biggest runner’s high.

I came home and gulped the best after run drink.


Holla, low-fat chocolate milk!

I was so happy about this run. It makes all those negative, nasty thoughts worth it.

And yes, I want to know what Britney Spears would wear while running so we could be twinsies.



6 thoughts on “Get In The Mind Of A Runner”

  1. Brooke, you make me so proud! I love reading your blog. You make me laugh, you make me cry. I am so proud of you for all you do. Well done. Carry on.

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