A Run For Boston

Yesterday, a bunch of us runners set out with a goal to spread our support with a silent run, wearing an old race shirt, and most importantly just running.

I wanted to run 2.62 miles in honor of the marathon distance, and lets be honest I can’t run a marathon so what ever I could do, I did.

I was completely zoned out, in fact went over my distance and ran 2.75 miles. At an 10:23 pace which I am happy with considering I’ve been slow over these past few weeks. I wore my favorite race tee, the one from my half-marathon in October.

I ran without music for only the second time and it was blissful. I wasn’t even aware of my surroundings, just  kept thinking of those coming to the end of their triumphant marathon and then something just so damaging happening. It was very emotional as I kept thinking about it.

We the runners want to show no fear, for we run the distances people can’t even grasp and we run in the worst conditions others hate. We are fearless. We are runners. United.



Did you run a silent run?

What was going through your mind on your run?


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