Devastating Day in Boston

As a runner, you only dream of qualifying for such an elite race. You imagine running those famous landmarks thousands of others have stomped on before you. Heartbreak Hill, yeah one day I will break your heart.

Today that wasn’t the case.

Instead, someone or some persons, decided to ruin such a joyous event that thousands of runners train hard for every year and every day.

To put it nicely, they shit on today.

As a runner, I know the value of those spectators and how much they influence us. They can make a whole race a greater experience. And for someone to kill and injure them, well that sort of person is sick and twisted beyond words.

I pray, for each and every single runner, volunteer, and spectator and their families. I pray runners will unite and not show fear and continue to race. I pray that they catch the person who caused such heart ache.

As a runner, I pray for Boston.



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