Its Ombre-d

Hey y’all! Is it freezing where you are because it is here! What happened to spring?!

Lately when people see me they first notice my hair. Weird, I know. But I’ve had long, brown hair majority of my life minus the years I colored it in high school and went full on blonde way back in 2008. So I thought I’d share some tips for getting you hair did like mine. (yes, I know I put did instead of done)

Photo on 2013-03-21 at 11.34

Photo on 2013-03-21 at 11.35 #2

First I got my hair chopped off. It went from long to short.



Next was highlights. I wanted ombre highlights, that way it would just add brightness to the next step and look like I’m not fully growing out a color and have people tell me to get my roots done. After much thought I finally had the color in mind, I wanted blonde, but not platinum.


Then the last step was full on bleach to my hair. My hair stylist did two different tones of bleach, and did the pattern in highs-lows. That way it didn’t look like a straight line of color, at first it did only because the color was so fresh…now its mellowed out and looks like the

My tip for you is to be committed. When the process was taking place I was freaking out. My hair hadn’t been touched by color in over 4 years prior and I kept thinking my hair would be chemically cut. She did not tease my hair like I thought, instead she went with the brush and starting going up until she thought it’d look good. I have no clue about hair, so I left it up to her. Now makeup, thats another story.

Anyway, the end result was a shocker. I couldn’t believe it. I’m so happy I had the highlights done so it blended better with my roots. The color complimented my tone of brown hair which is more ashy, cool toned.

Here is a much better picture of the change.

Photo on 2013-03-21 at 11.36 #2

It’ll grow out and I won’t have to cut all the pretty blonde out since I let her dye up so much.

I like wearing my hair straight and wavy. When its wavy, the color blends much better. When its straight its pretty obvi that my hair is done in the newest trend. I am loving it though, its a nice change to my otherwise boring hair.

Have you been wanting to do this to your hair? 

Have you done it? 

What is your favorite way to wear your hair?


4 thoughts on “Its Ombre-d

    • Brooke says:

      Yeah I’m so over cold and windy weather! Thanks girl! I’m happy it’s getting a great response. I really love it, and I’ve noticed it looks fantastic on everyone!

  1. mylifeat40startsnow says:

    Same weather here! Looking forward to the end of the snow!

    I have curly hair that I don’t straighten…I recently added some bright red pops of colour, a few streaks of it and I love it. It’s different and noticeable, but with the curls I love how it looks!! 🙂

    • Brooke says:

      The end of snow?! Yeah I can imagine you’re ready for spring! I don’t do well in cold.

      I’d love to have curly hair, it takes a lot for my hair to hold a wave let alone a nice curl. I’m so happy to know you’re loving your hair! I bet pops of red are a fun addition!

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