So Much Going On!

I haven’t blogged in like years. For reals.

All kidding aside, I have been going nonstop. I need a minor break. My head is a constant battle with work, exercising, house hunting, packing, stressing, and whatever else is being thrown at me. Glorious battle I tell you.

So last week I had my big interview with SEPHORA and I’m still praying it went well enough for me to get the promotion. During our weekend trip we were supposed to look for houses, but that didn’t happen. Cue in the stress that is destroying my life. Prior to going back north last Friday I worked 8 days straight of long days. That pattern starts tomorrow too. I’m exhausted.


Going to my interview, had to show the girls how fly I was looking

Sorry to throw in that whine. Anyway, back to my story. We didn’t look at homes, and we are moving in the next 3 weeks. That means we are almost homeless. NO! And Saturday night I decided to bust out the longest run since last October. On a treadmill. At 10PM. I ran 6 miles. Even better? It was a 9:22 pace! The WHOLE time! 56:14 was my time. I ran my heart out and was feeling amazing, even when it was 11PM. Major pat on the back for me. I am now hunting down a treadmill because I’m obsessed. I need one in my life.


This week I am starting to run more often, still smaller miles. For one, the weather is unbelievably hot. I am so not used to this warm weather. It feels like I’m running through a wet blanket, icky.


How is your week going thus far? Are you enjoying your week or are you dealing with as much stress as me?

How is everyone doing with the #2013in2013 running challenge? I’m currently at 18 miles.


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