Go Big Or Go Home

Well I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty excited about 2013.

For starters, this year we are moving back home (!), I’m hopefully having a new job with Sephora, and Zach and I are really moving forward with our lives. Things have changed tremendously for us, with our career dreams to simply going back home. 2013 is looking awesome!

With such a great year, I’ve decided to really commit to my goal for this year. That goal is running 2,013 miles for the year. I think its something that will push me to my limits, really show what I can do, and hell I just love a good challenge.


With #elf4health still going on until the end of this month, today’s challenge was to write our fitness goals. I went a little overboard and really did it up with some fancy Instagram-realness. I want to be accountable for my decisions. I find if I actually put myself out there and become slightly vulnerable with failure, I finish my goal. Failure is not an option with me.

Granted, I’m still recovering from bronchitis. That stupid sickness knocked me out for some weeks, and I still suffer from a cough and sinus issues. That’s lovely info I know. I have to take this slow and steady. I’m starting my training plan over…AGAIN…to get accustomed to long runs and have a steady base for the year. I like long distance running, ok long for me which is over 6 miles. So today I started the first of many runs. A good 2 miles in my new Brooks PureCadence.


BTW, my new shoes are for real hard to run in. They are the first pair of “minimal” shoes and I could feel my legs really working to keep proper form and what not. I love them. I felt support, but then I felt the ground. It was a crazy experience!

With the new year just starting, I find it a good time to see if y’all want to join me in my running challenge! Do you think you could run 2,013 miles this year? If so, do it with me! Find me on dailymile at Brooke N and lets do this together. Instagram your runs with #2013in2013 and we will tackle this together!


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