New Year Coming, New Resolutions

I know I haven’t been blogging so much within these last two months on 2012, I have been so busy with my job. I’m literally working all the time. Not saying I don’t enjoy it, I actually do. Currently I’m working at a possible promotion with my transfer. Fingers crossed!

With 2012 coming to a close, there are things I’m so proud of and then things that I wish never happened (losing my beloved Bonnie). I’ve pretty much switched careers, which is nothing bad. Like I mentioned, I’ve thrown myself into Sephora. Another moment was just training for a half-marathon, I never knew how determined I could become. Needless to say the highlight of this year was running my first half-marathon. Nothing can come close to the feeling of accomplishment with running 13.1 miles.


I’m always iffy on making health “resolutions” because I find that people just talk…a lot, about how they’ll change themselves for the better and it becomes just another saying that they never commit to. I’ve seen it, a lot. I like to make health habits, something easy to stick to and not become overwhelmed with a dramatic change.

Here is my list of what I want to see change for 2013:

+Drink more water, cut out less soda and stuff thats shit for your body.

+Run 2013 miles for 2013.

+Incorporate veggies and fruits into every meal.

+Bust out another half-marathon.

+Enjoy my days off and not feel like I must do something, its called rest for a reason.

Sounds easy enough, right? Well yeah, but it can be hard to do everything all at once. I can easily start with one or two and work up to all and then they’ll stick as habits and not just a list of what I want.

I would also love to get well so I can work out, its been 3 weeks [?!] of no exercise. I’m slowing going crazy from it. I want to run and sweat, do some tabata or yoga. Good Lord I just want to get better! Whats worse, is these beautiful babies are here just waiting to be out on the road.


I want to wish everyone a safe and happy New Year, may 2013 bring you what you’re seeking!

What are your resolutions?

What are your goals for 2013? 



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