On Wednesday morning I received a call from my dad saying my dachshund who was 12 years old had passed. The only thing I could muster through the break down was “no she didn’t” and I’m sure I said it about 20 times before being able to say anything else. She was the best gift I’ve ever gotten.

She was brought home when I was 12 years old in 6th grade. I was home sick that day and there was a terrible storm so when my dad came home I heard this strange noise that scared me half to death. He told me to go look, but I was too frightened. What happened next was the start of a friendship that can never be broken. Out popped this itty bitty black dog. I fell in love with her at once. So tiny she almost fit in my whole hand. That night, I got my sleeping bag and slept with her in the bathroom since she was crying.

Fast forward a couple of years, and here is this fat dachshund who is the most spoiled dog you’ve ever seen. She slept with me every night, never had to go into a kennel or cage. Got food whenever she pleased. Had endless amount of dog toys that she destroyed. She was living the ultimate doggie life.

When Zach came into my life, it was as if he entered Bonnie’s as well. She took to him like I’ve never seen her do. She was in love with him, I swear. Only curled up in his lap, only wanted him to pet her, and only wanted him to play with her. Yes, I was jealous. I would joke about how I had to fight for his companionship when there was another woman in the picture. But the thing about my sweet dog was, she seemed to love everyone. Most dachshunds only take to their owners, but Bonnie was different. She just wanted to lick everyone, have them pet her and just give her attention.

Sadly, when we moved to Orlando I couldn’t take her with us. And from then on out she never could live with us. She was used to her mountain surroundings with my dad, and I couldn’t imagine splitting her and Onyx up (our border collie) so it was just decided to have her stay there. However, Zach and I had plans of getting a house in Atlanta with a fenced in backyard so we could take the dogs whenever.

But that’s not going to happen now…

To say I miss her is nothing new, I’ve missed her since I had to leave her. I miss her snuggling and cuddling, the Frito smell she always had, and just her goofiness. She wasn’t the smartest dog, but she was the funniest thing ever. I have so many great memories of her. I will cherish each and every one.

You were more than a pet, you were a true gift in my life. I love and miss you dearly.



2 thoughts on “Bonnie

  1. Cait the Arty Runnerchick says:

    i’m so sorry for your loss. not too long ago my dad called to tell me that one of our own family dogs had passed, and it just broke my heart. remember and cherish the good times you’ve had and that is such an adorable picture. hugs!

    • Brooke says:

      Thank you so much, yes I will forever have her in my heart. The pain is subsiding, thankfully the memories of her are endless. Losing a pet is losing family. I’m sorry for your loss as well, it’s a pain that’s hard to shake.

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