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Comfort, comfort my people, says your God.- Isaiah 40:1

I had a post set and ready to be published today, but with all that is going on in the news with this tragedy it just didn’t seem worth-while to have it post. What is the point of reading about my previous week with a cold, and a hectic work week when there is something so much greater going on?

This won’t be a long post, nor a short one. Its one to send out prayers, love, hope, and comfort to those who truly are in need of it right now. Part of me wishes the media would just lay low and allow these families to grieve in silence, let them cope and not have the story blasting all over the TVS. But then there are so many things we don’t know that we want answers to. Zach and I don’t have children, but I can only imagine the hurt and sadness these families are going through. I will not know what it truly feels like, but you don’t have to have children to understand the loss of life. It seems unimaginable that some sweet angels will not be here to open Christmas presents, to have a first love, to graduation high school and college, or to just live out the rest of their lives. And for the teachers, they will never do what they loved again. They wanted to spread the wealth of  knowledge of the world to these children. This is a horrific tragedy that we all wish never happened.

In a time like this, I wish I was close to my family. I am thanking God for giving us the chance to actually go back home and be incredibly close to our families again so I can hug them every chance I get. I ask you hug your families, tell them you love them, and be thankful for today. Don’t dwell on yesterday, or what might happen tomorrow. Be present in today. Be thankful for today.

Please pray for everyone affected by the Newton tragedy. And from the great words of Jesus, “Blessed are those mourn, for they will be comforted.” Matthew 5:4





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