Blah I’m sick this week, and it totally sucks.

Stupid cold.

With this horrible viral cold, I have missed work and workouts. I’m saddened by both. I love my job. I love my workouts. Why must I miss both?! Sad, sad, sad. Regardless I am trying to get all better so I can get back to both ASAP.

Essentials for fighting off my sickie blues are:

+Tazo Zen Green Tea >>><<<<>>>><<<<>>>> a must; w/some honey, agave nectar &lemon slices or pomegranate juice!

+Vitamin C <<<>>>>><<<<>>>> lots and lots of it! In chewable vitamins, smoothies, whatevs. Get it in your system. I love Tone It Up! get well smoothie

+Tazo Well-Being Tazo Rest Tea >>>><<<< a mix of rose petals, valerian root, & citrusy herbs. Best tea ever to get all relaxed for bed!

+Good books & the only junk allowed, reality TV >>>>>>><<<<<<>>>>> self explanatory; pass time with a great chick book and TV like RHO…BH/M/ATL whatev is on Bravo!

+Tons &tons of water! Best medicine ever, its essential to stay hydrated when sick. Drink yo water!


[green tea + POM pomegranate juice]


[Tone It Up! get well smoothie]

TIU Get Well Smoothie:

  • +1 banana
  • +3-4 clementines or 2 naval oranges
  • +1 cup spinach
  • +1/3 cup unsweetened almond milk
  • +ice [if your prefer]

Put banana in blender first, then + clementines/oranges and spinach then milk. Blend together and enjoy!

Wellness&love xoxo


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