Color Vibe 5K

On Saturday I got to run in the hottest type of race around these days. Those color runs!

The Color Vibe isn’t the Color Run, but lets call them sisters. Color Vibe is all over the country and it came right into Savannah over the weekend. I was really excited about this race. I registered and my former coworker did too, it was  going to be her first race. What a way to be introduced into running, right? With a colorful, happy race!


However, my expectations were kinda let down. Through all the fun, it was a little disappointing. Like how it started at 9, but I was stuck on the bridge…the only way to the island…and I got to the bridge at 8 a.m. but at 8:50 I was ready to just turn around and go home because I only moved 40 feet. To say this was an ill planned event is an understatement. Thankfully, my friend called me to say there was a spot in front of them open so I sped up and got the spot so we finally got to park around 9:10. The next issue was the planning. No one said how the race is set up, like who knew there were time slots to run? Or that it was color-coded with the bibs you received. Yeah, confusion at its finest.

Even worse, we couldn’t find the start line. Instead it was a thin orange rope that separated the groups and every 5 minutes you were pushed through the lines like cattle. Awesome. I also forgot, it wasn’t a timed race. My reaction was, “say what?” Lame sauce.

Once we started running it was chaos. I got slammed with a fist full of color right in the ear. It hurt like a bitch. Second, it was so hard to breathe and see. Third, the walkers and runners were not meshing well. Walkers took over the whole track, you had to zig-zag through all of them. It was so cluttered with people. Nothing is wrong with people walking a race, but I wish it was more organized and had us separated like normal races.

My friend and her husband needed a walk break in the first 5 minutes so I told them I was leaving. I wanted to run the whole time, and so I ran solo. The second color section was dull. No one threw color really, just tossed it in the air over themselves.

Coming near the end of the course I was kinda bummed that I wasn’t enjoying this so much. Finally, the last color area had more action. But they were throwing so much that it was pelting the body. It stung.

When it was over, it wasn’t even a 5K. It was a 2.75 miles, and there was no finish line…?! Instead you kept running until you had to dead stop in a crowd of people. Lame. Laaammmmmeeeeee!

I decided to hit 3 miles and ran in the parking lot. Loser fest. I waited for my friends, and once I saw them we just walked to the cars. They had fun, I didn’t so much.


Regardless of the crappy organization, I did have an ok time. I finally ran the course that kicked my butt last year when I lost my lunch in one of the turns. And I did think it was a great walker-friendly race. Talking with other runners in the area, a lot were just as disappointed as I was. It was not worth the money I spent, but its another race in the books. I had heavy sweat-age in the elbow crease, from my arms being crossed when I was pouting.

Have you done a color run? Did you like it?

Ever ran a race that was so unorganized you vowed to never run it again?

4 thoughts on “Color Vibe 5K

  1. Laura says:

    Yes to the color run… Same deal. No timers, too many walkers and all that is fine, but to bill it as a 5 k when it was also at least a 1/4 mile short was irritating. My friends did like it, but they are typically walkers. I would do it with my 10 year old daughter. It would be a good family race. Overall… Disappointed.

  2. Michelle says:

    Almost the exact same experience in Akron, Ohio. I was very disappointed and even more disappointed to hear that Akron wasn’t the only disorganized race!!! No more color vibe for me.

    • Brooke says:

      Yeah I’ve now heard that from multiple runners. I was so excited about it, but then so let down. I think of they divided it between timed/untimed and had more organization at the color stations it would be so much better!

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