Products: My Favs

First things first, I haven’t blogged in forever it feels. I have been incredibly busy over the past weeks and I am honestly tried to find the time to blog, and today I finally do. A lot has happened. Last week, I sadly resigned from the bakery. I was given opportunities with SEPHORA that I couldn’t pass up. Right now my life is going into a completely different direction that I never saw coming. I am happy with the changes, it’s something I am really excited about. Also, I ran twice last week. New record for whats been happening.

Ok so now onto the fun stuff. I am surrounded my products all day. From skincare to cosmetics to fragrance. I love it all. I use certain products everyday, or at least 3-4 times a week. I swear by these brands and I am a creature of habit so I stick with something that works. If you were to come into our bathroom, you would see this…

My collection. Thats 7 mascaras, 8 different eyeliners, 5 things of foundation, 3 face primers, 2 concealers, 3 blushes, 1 bronzer, 1 Beauty Blender, 2 highlighters, 6+ eyeshadows, and 1 eye primer. And thats with cleaning it out and downsizing. Granted, I generally stick with a certain look and sometimes play it up. I look like this every week…

 I love me a heavy smokey eye and bold lip.

So to achieve such looks, there are a handful of products I use everyday from my collection of products. All of these are my favorites!

+NARS Sheer Glow Foundation, amaze! Its a light-medium to full coverage foundation depending on what you prefer and also what brush you use. I use a either a Stippling or Expert Face Brush by Real Techniques. I have a couple of SEPHORA brushes and I love the Pro Airbrush Concealer Brush #57. It is not oil-free, but I haven’t had any breakouts or problems.

+smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer, oil-free and a lifesaver! Helps makeup stay in place all day while preventing oil from coming through. Seriously, you need this!

+Benefit They’re Real! Mascara, LORAC PRO Mascara, and eyeko curvy brush mascara. Each one is great. Each one works the way mascara should and doesn’t have flaking or smudging. Benefit is fantastic at curling, thickening, and lengthening the lashes. LORAC really thickens the lashes, I mean damn you’ll look good. Eyeko is a newer mascara, and the brush is crazy! Its awesome at curling lashes without using an eyelash curler.

+Benefit Perk Up Artist concealer palette. It brightens, corrects, and conceals with 3 different colors. Super quick at covering and fixing flaws.

+NARS eye palette in any combo. Enough said. High-pigment and less creasing.

+Benefit feelin’ dandy palette. Comes with posie tent, highbeam, dandelion blush and dandelion lipgloss. Perfect for a super quick makeup application when you need something fast.

+SEPHORA Eye Primer is way better than Urban Decay’s. I like the SEPHORA one because its better at preventing creasing and feels more hydrating.

+Mayebelline Color Tattoo for eyes. Love these things. So inexpensive with great results from a cream eyeshadow.

+NYX Cosmetics Jumbo Eye Pencil…super, super inexpensive and great at blending! If you need something that works well, get some of these. They are sometimes hard to get because everyone loves them.

So with all this great makeup one needs a great skincare routine. Great skin is the way to great makeup. You must have good skin to achieve a flawless foundation. Hydrated skin is the best thing.

My favorite skincare products are either super cheap or kinda pricey.

+Vaseline…to remove eye makeup! Its the best thing ever. Doesn’t hurt your eyes, doesn’t cause breakouts and its amaze at removing the hardest eyeliner or waterproof mascara. Like I die over it.

+Cetaphil is a staple. I always switch cleansers, but always come back to this. So I am sticking with it. Its gentle, yet effective at removing everything. Paired with my Clarisonic Mia 2 its a win-win.

+philosophy clear days ahead salicylic acid treatment and moisturizer, coming at $40 I only use this at night. Its not drying, its actually great to mix in with foundation. Its oil-free and really hydrates. I find a lot of acne moisturizers are so drying that there is no moisturizer in the product. Dry skin is no fun, it causes more oil production which leads to more breakouts.

+Boots expert sensitive light moisturizing lotion. I’ve featured this before, but its always a winner in my book. I use it in the morning and I will never switch from this moisturizer. I absolutely adore it and cannot be without it. Of course, after washing my face I leave it completely wet…and then put the lotion on my face and massage it in. Its the best way to get the benefits from your moisturizer.

+Shiseido Benefiance WrinkleResist24 Intensive Eye Contour Cream ohmegee thats a long name. This sucker is my weakness. I use it morning and night. Its so hydrating that I cannot imagine how dry the skin was under my eyes. It hydrates, brightens, diminishes eye puffiness, and it feels like silk. Its a tad pricey, at $55 a jar…BUT its an investment and you only use a grain of rice size for an eye cream. It will last forever!

There you have it. My most favorite products that I swear by. I highly recommend any of these. My skin is cray-cray and I find these don’t irritate at all.

What are your favorite beauty products? 

Is there any that are expensive that you just can’t live without?


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