New Plan For New Ideas

So this is kinda crazy, I haven’t ran more than 5 times in 5 weeks! Yeah I’m like shaken to my core with embarrassment. Remember that wonderful plan I posted about how to get my ass back in shape? Yeah I failed. Big time. Life sadly got in the way and I was non-stop busy and just dead tired. Alas my struggle to get myself back into my “normal” workout routine was justified when I ran 2 miles and about died. I really pushed myself to achieve my pace back to 10 minute miles, and I was 11 seconds slow on each mile to get there. However, 20:22 isn’t bad, but I have a 5K on December 8 and I want to get it in 30 minutes. I even ran in summer colors and it was a chilly 60° that felt much cooler.

And, you know that awesome half-marathon I was training for? Yeah thats a bust. I just don’t feel motivated to train hard for 13 weeks so I am doing something strange…

I’m training for 13.1 miles for a race that doesn’t exist. I just want to get back to high-milage and long runs. So I took my runner heart over to Runner’s World and looked at SmartCoach and we came up with a 20 week plan to achieve my goal of just getting back in long run shape. I’m brilliant.

The idea of this is just to motivate me to actually get outside and run. Thats it. I’m not pushing my body to its limit with an actual race in the end, I’m just allowing my body to become accustomed to the longer runs that I can stick with and keep up the high-milage I really enjoy.

And why 20 weeks? Because I am super-lazy and tired. My new job is amazing in so many ways, but the all-over hours that change everyday is making me incredibly tired. Plus Zach waking up really early is kinda throwing me off. I’m used to getting up at 7:35 everyday, or I was, but now I’m getting home at 10:30 and maybe being up for another hour and then sleeping in till 8:30-9 and I’m still not used to my new schedule.

That is my new plan for this crazy new idea. To train my body for another 13.1 miles, but not actually racing for 13.1 miles. Cray-cray. But I’m really excited about this. I am actually getting back into running for the reason I love running…to run carefree [and not make it feel like a job]



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