Plan: Get My Butt Back in Shape

Like the title claims, I am out of shape. Running shape that is. And any other kind of exercise shape there is. Last week, I only worked out once. The week before, I think like 2 runs. This is sad. Very sad and bad.

I always feel better when I’m maintaining physical activity. I like to feel the endorphins from an awesome workout, it can be from running, P90X, or at home pilates. I like the feeling of accomplishment. But where oh where has this feeling gone?! I haven’t felt it in so long. Oh yeah, because I’ve been a complete lard not doing a thing besides work. And thats not even a great excuse!

I feel weird saying I’m too exhausted to workout, but that was my case last week. I was going nonstop and coming home from a combined 12+ work day can make a person kinda tired…just a little. I wasn’t sleeping well either just because I was focused on Sephora training and trying to remember every single thing I learned earlier in the day. This was ongoing and thats why I never felt motivated to workout. Trying for more than 5 hours of sleep was the goal.

This week however, I have plenty of time to get my ass back in gear. And I’m taking full advantage of this mini-vacation before starting to be working the floor at Sephora and my bakery job.


Monday: run + abdominals 

Tuesday: pilates

Wednesday: run + cross-train (CrossFit, yoga, abdominals, or whatev, etc.)

Thursday + Friday: rest/recovery

Saturday: run

Fun stuff!

Today was fantastic! Let me tell you, running in 50° with wind chill of 46° is a great setting for a nice run. Nothing like strong wind gusts to get the heart pumping. I ran 3 miles, and walked .25 as a recovery. It was so amazing that I was smiling when finished. And, I got to bust out the running tights!

Geez, my shoes are looking rough. Its almost time for a new pair! Ek, exciting. So anyway, I’m pumped to get back in the groove of working out. I have my calendar all set, with cute Emoji icons to force me to do it. Plus alarms are ready to blare in the morning. I’m taking the bull by the horns this week and getting it done.

What are your exercise plans for the week?

Do you ever feel like you’ve fallen off the workout wagon?

Is it freezing where you live? It was for me this morning! 


7 thoughts on “Plan: Get My Butt Back in Shape

  1. torontorunner says:

    You’ll get right back into running shape in no time!

    I’ve been off the workout wagon for a bit now. Doing half-hearted stuff and really out of running shape. ahh! And , like you, I’m at my best when being active and running!

    Have a fab day 🙂

    • Brooke says:

      I agree! There is nothing greater than slowly getting back to a normal schedule, although my schedule is anything but normal now. I’m finding my new normal this week with all these crazy new work hours!

  2. Cait the Arty Runnerchick says:

    new reader from HRG and get out there and kick some running butt. 🙂 haha…but no, we all get out of ‘runner’ shape and the first couple ones back can feel really rough, i call it the hazing weeks, but then thankfully muscle memory snaps us back and it comes back quickly! 🙂

    • Brooke says:

      Well welcome to my blog! And thanks for reading 🙂
      Yeah I’m slowly realizing my body hasn’t lost all endurance, but it’s lost some strength which I’m building back up.

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