Vitamins are great for your overall health. They promote a TON of benefits that everyone can use. There is much debate whether or not taking vitamins actually work, for instance a lot of people say the tablets just sit in your stomach and are not absorbed. Well that scares me so I take the soft gels and sublingual vitamins. Sublingual vitamins “melt” under your tongue and then you swallow the soft mess. That sounded gross.

Currently I only take 4 vitamins

My daily cocktail consist of

+ Calcium 1200 mg (absorbable) … for strong bones

+ B-12  (sublingual) … the “energy vitamin”

+ D3-1000 (high potency) … bone health, immune health, breast health, & colon health

+ Flintstones Immunity Support … full of vitamin C

These have made a huge improvement in my energy levels. Of course, you should always talk to your doctor before taking supplements. But not taking vitamins is something no one should do! Also, I take one of each in the morning, except calcium. I take one calcium at night to help with sleep. These help me, and I’ve never had side effects. That doesn’t mean things can’t change, but like I said you need to talk all this over with your doctor. And for better absorption always take vitamins with a meal.

What vitamins do you take? I’m curious to know! 


4 thoughts on “Vitamins

  1. Leslie says:

    I have a B12 deficiency so I take that sublingually and I have a prescription for D cause I apparently also have a deficiency in that. I also have a concern about non absoprion so I wanted to suggest EmergenC. I have been drinking one after my work outs and its definitely helped my energy levels. Obviously tons of vitamin C and some more B12, some B6, but also some minerals like zinc and magnesium (the latter of which is supposedly important for absorbing calcium properly) and of course you drink it so I would think you would absorb it pretty well. It tastes pretty okay and comes in a couple of different flavors. The extra vitamin C boost has got to be a plus for the immune system during this time of year as well… 🙂

    • Brooke says:

      Yes the absorption is very important! Its crazy that some things need other supplements in order for your body to take it. And I love EmergenC! Its great for getting in that extra vitamin C at any time, especially since vitamin C is only in the body for about 3 hours, so taking it throughout the day is a fantastic way to fight off colds! And I’m glad to hear you are taking some great vitamins! I hope these are boosting up your levels 🙂

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