Quick Changes To A Better Breakfast

In the mornings I am usually running late. I tend to not hear my alarm and oversleep by about 20 minutes, then rushing to get something to eat and then try and get ready so I can leave on time. I am always late! Never fails. The issue with this, I am normally grabbing unhealthy things to eat. I’ll brew some coffee while washing my face and popping in a Toaster Strudel at the same time. Yeah, great breakfast…its all sugar! Bad!

So here are a couple of things you can change for your breakfast, or add in.

1. Juice. A lot of juice is full of artificial sugar, and hardly any real juice content. A great alternative is grabbing a “juiced” juice, a Naked smoothie is a great replacement! Full of antioxidants and vitamins, it also has servings of fruits and vegetables. Plus, there are tons of flavors! All the sugar comes from a natural source, like the fruits and veggies and NOT corn syrup. And notice the calorie count on the bottom? Thats for the whole bottle! Naked is great for a quick grab-in-go breakfast drink.

2. Instant Oatmeal. Yes, its instant. I know, I know instant is normally gross. But when finding the right kind that isn’t going to harm you is another great option for a quick breakfast. No artificial flavors or preservatives? Yes please! Another great plus? You can read and understand all the ingredients, all 4 of them!

3. Swap out your sugar and creamer. I am guilty of using a ton of sugar in my coffee along with a lot of creamer. I like my coffee to not taste like coffee. I finally calculated the sugar intake of my morning brew and omgosh I was horrified! A friend recommended a change to stevia in the raw and I fell in love. I then switched out my creamer for a more natural brand. Still some sugar and calories, but not as near as much as my old one.

4. Better your bread. We all know that white bread is not so great for you. Its stripped of nutrients. There is hardly any fiber, just some sugar and carb. A super easy change is getting some bread that is good for you. Some will say its a little pricey, well yeah but I’d rather spend the extra $2 on something that will benefit and not just make me unhealthy. I love Ezekiel bread. Food For Life also offers a variety of different breads, including 7-sprouted grain bread. Cinnamon is my favorite for breakfast! Some natural peanut butter or squashed raspberries are delicious, fast, and healthy. Its a great addition to some scrambled eggs and a banana.

5. Add a snack. This might be weird, but if you’re running low on fruit but want something fruity get a fruit strip. Yeah, the kind you ate when you were little. Its all-natural and each one is 1/2 serving of fruit. Plus, they taste delicious.

There are some great little changes you can do to better your breakfast! Now there is no excuse to have a great, healthy breakfast. Just switching some products will benefit you more then you think. Losing some calories and sugar is never a bad thing.

Whats your favorite quick breakfast? 

Are there things you swap out to have a healthier breakfast?

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