This Is All Over The Place

I don’t even know where to begin. So many things have happened within 2 weeks. Ok maybe like 2 things besides my first half-marathon and one year wedding anniversary. I was offered a new job, one I was actually pumped about pursuing. I now have 2 great jobs! The new one is at Sephora. Oh yes. I’ve always liked makeup, I have watched my mother put it on for years, her “face” was always on before heading out the door. Along with her influencing me, my cousin/BFF Brittney and I used to play around in it ALL THE TIME when we were young. You would always catch us putting on lipstick or eyeshadow and curling our hair. I had plenty of burns between 6 to 11. Of course we got in trouble, but it never stopped us. So rebellious! Makeup makes me happy, its always fun to add some color and enhance your features.

A lot of people don’t really know what I do, but we do have slow seasons and so I was looking for a job to fill in my off time. However, I am picky about how I spend my time so I wanted something I would enjoy and not loathe. Why not try for something where one plays in makeup and helps customers? Perfect! I am very excited.

We also got news that is changing our lives.

I’m not pregnant.

We are moving in March!

And I am signing up for this race:

(photo source)

Yay! I am so excited. Its a flat course, which means my time should be better. I am anxious to start training. Like I am dying to get outside and run. I am going for a run later tonight and hopefully 4 miles. I was wanting to register for the Rock ‘n’ Roll 1/2 here in Savannah, but I am just not ready to run 13.1 miles just 3 weeks after my first long race. I think February is plenty of time to get back in physical condition.

Oh and tomorrow is my birthday. The big 24, the last year of my early-twenties. I had this discussion with my parents on Friday about how this was my last year to say “I’m in the my early-twenties” because next year is 25…and thats at your mid-twenties. Yes I am so weird and I think of things like this.

Tomorrow I am going around the track with my husband in his car, its his anniversary present and my birthday present in one. And only one of us is 100% excited…the other is 75% sure she won’t pee her pants in his expensive car.

Like I said, this post is all over the place!

How was your week?


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