Its That Time

Holy hell I’m running the longest run of my life! 13.1 miles!

Currently I am crashed out on a bed.

Tomorrow is the day, the whole reason I’ve pushed my body beyond its limits to achieve this goal. What is my goal? I mean really, I’ve been thinking about this now all week. I’ve narrowed it down, my goal is to FINISH. Just finishing is the right goal for me on my first half-marathon. If I can’t run the whole distance, I want to try and at least I know I can finish it.

Before I wrap this up, I know such a short post, I’ll give y’all some details about tomorrow:

This is my list. Its long, and I’ve brought more stuff then mentioned. I brought my knee sleeve, which I hate, but if I must wear it then so be it. And, the 2 shirts…well its supposed to be cold and not warm up until the afternoon so I plan on wearing shorts, but don’t know about layering or just going for the long sleeve.

My race attire:

Nike Tempo Shorts, jcpenney moisture-wick long sleeve, possible Nike singlet, Moving Comfort sports bra, and my shoes and socks. Yes, my socks are M.I.A. in this picture. Plus the handy and best thing ever Blister Band-Aids and some tape for my hip.  Oh yeah and the greatest gadget ever, my Garmin Forerunner who is dead right now getting charged.

I’m carrying 3 gels, I find those are working best of me now and they’ll be in my spi-belt. I plan on taking one every 45 minutes or every 4 miles. Whichever is first!

So there you all have it…I’m pumped! I can’t wait to run and cross that finish line and get my first ever race medal!

Wish me luck, and I will post my recap later on…


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