Half-Marathon Training Week 16…Technically The Last Week!

Dundundun….dun. It is week 16 and I’m calling it my last week because I am not running again until Sunday which falls at the week 17 point. I CAN’T FREAKING BELIEVE IT IS HERE! I’m all about getting it done, I am excited to finally reach my goal. I don’t know what to expect or how emotional I’ll get, but I am sure I will be crying at the end. Let it be for pain or joy, I know I will more than likely be crying.

This week was all sorts of crazy in the type of schedule I was running with. I ran Monday, which I called the end of week 15, then ran on Wednesday at the start of week 16. Its confusing even to me. I was going for 5 miles on Wednesday, but I finally figured how out why my shins won’t allow me to run in the evening. I am on my feet from 9-5 putting cakes together and that is really causing my legs to hurt and the pain is alarming. I can’t run in the evenings anymore, its just not working.

Anyway, it was scheduled for 5 and I made it to 3.8 miles instead. Oh well, win some and lose some. I know I need to be on top of my game because hello I am running 13.1 miles very soon, but with it being so close I am also getting less strict and more laid back.

My time was rough! I was so glad I made it further than 2 miles, because I was literally crying from pain. My shins felt like they were about to crumble. I couldn’t get past it, I couldn’t push myself anymore and did the grown up thing and stopped. I foam rolled the heck out of them and then iced forever. I was in some bad pain come Thursday morning so I opted to not run that morning or night.

Look at me being a smart runner!

So I was working Saturday and was again, on my feet so I wasn’t going to try for the 10  that evening. I could of gotten up at the crack of dawn, but I’m a tad scared to run in the dark so I passed on that chance as well. Sunday I slept in. Sundays are normally my only whole day with Zach so I try not to run so I can sleep late and not fuss with running.

Today, this morning was the day. I went for it. I was all in. I ran 10 miles! 10 miles! The beginning is a blur, I honestly can’t recall anything from mile 1 to 4, but mile 5 my left knee started to ache just a bit so I took my first walk break. I walked maybe 2 minutes and then picked it back up. Now, my pace was slow. I wasn’t trying to gun it, I was trying to make it.  There are some runners who take a training run literally as training for the race run where they are dead on race pace, but I am not one of those, I like to go slow and easy. Kinda like what my training plan says to do 😉 I took my first gel at mile 5, strawberry-banana. Yum. Mile 5-6 was ok, mile 7 I was seriously starting to hurt in my right hip flexor. The pain was a surprise, I’ve never had issues with the right side. So I took my second minor walk break and then it was a struggle after that to keep up. I kept telling myself it was just 3 more miles, one more loop around. I was so over my music so I turned on Pandora and listened to Aziz Ansari. Best decision ever! I highly recommend listening to comedy when running. At mile 8 I was done. 100% done. My pace was barely skimming 12:00, and I was at 11:50 for most of the time. I got to mile 8 around 1:40 and then it was so over. I took more and more walk breaks just trying be finished. It took 23 minutes to finish those two more miles. I was hot, tired, and so over this whole experience. I got my second wind at 9.30 after another runner passed me and she was booking it so I tried to keep up. It helped, and then I was almost home so I didn’t stop.

I made it.

Average pace of 12:22, yeah I’m super bummed out about that. I wanted to come in under 2 hours, but that didn’t happen. 3 minutes past is a big disappointment. Had I kept up running and not walked after 8 miles I could of done it. But there are a lot of “could of’s and ifs” with this run. I have to remember two things: 1.) my knee is not ok, and it is killing me right now and 2.) I’ve never ran this far in my life, its a first double-digit run. I am just happy I made it home and didn’t die on the sidewalk.

My hair was a crazy mess y’all.

I was sad when I took my first walk break, but I seriously can’t injure my knee. I have to be aware of small pains and take it easy. Besides, I’m fine with walk breaks every now and then, in fact I encourage them…but I still get mad at myself when I take them. Why? Because I sadly compare myself to other runners. Something you are NOT supposed to do. I am super proud of that fact that I did it, I even bragged about it to another runner who asked how far I was going and I said, “10” and he goes “where are you at now?” I  said, “7.5 and feeling it, but I’m almost there” and he was so kind, he goes “Girl, you aren’t almost there, you are there! Thats further than I’ve ever ran. Keep it up!” I was incredibly happy. There are small defeats and small wins, but both are learning experiences.

By the way, I have a killer war wound that I must show. Its gross and graphic. I’ll make it as small as possible.

GROSS! It burns like hell, I was at mile 9 and had to stop and look at my foot because it was killing me, yeah I was surprised when I saw how deep this sucker was. It rubbed through two layers of skin! I then noticed the last 3 toes on the same foot also have blisters on the tops and they hurt really bad. I’m such a badass. I don’t chafe, but I get killer blisters. And I smell really bad right now, might as well let it all out LOL.

AND! Last thing I swear, and its not gross. I am going to Barnes & Noble tonight to meet the famous Jenna Weber from Eat, Live, Run and hear her speak tonight about her book. I got it yesterday and read half at the store then finished last night. Its so good! You must pick it up right now. Funny fact: she and I went to the same culinary school in Orlando and reading it I knew exactly what she was going through, funny how the world works!

So there you have it. My last week of training. I am totally mixed on emotions. Right now I feel pain, from my knee and right hip flexor, I am excited/nervous/anxious/scared and wanting to get it over with. Feel free to leave me some encouragement.

How was your runs this week? 

What were you feeling right before your biggest race ever? Or first huge race?

Have any nasty running wounds?


4 thoughts on “Half-Marathon Training Week 16…Technically The Last Week!”

  1. Last week, so exciting!! Are you wearing cotton socks? Apparently they are really bad for giving blisters. It could also just be that you are killing it on the pavement 🙂

    1. Its very exciting! I still can’t believe it. But I’m running in dri-fit socks and my shoes are a size bigger than normal because thats what the shoe guy said. But I’d like to think its me rocking the run and being a beast!

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