Half-Marathon Training Week 15

There are a lot of emotions going through right now as I’m getting really close to my first half-marathon. I have only 2 weeks left of training, and if you really look at my plan I technically have just this week left since I have my longest run to date, 10 miles and then next week a little 2 and 3 miler run. Regardless this week has been a struggle.

It all started with Monday where I had a 2 mile run…the next day after running those 8 tough miles. I never knew how sore you could get until after that run. I compressed all day and then Sunday night took it all off to go grocery shopping and literally within 20 minutes I was stiff and sore. So Monday it felt kinda good to loosen up and it was a good run. 20 minutes and not too shabby.

Wednesday I ran 4 miles instead of 5 only because I wore my heart rate monitor for the first time and it freaked me out. I couldn’t calm down which in turned kept my heart rate super high, plus it was so tight. I hated it, but I was done at 4 and was fine with my decision knowing on Saturday I was going to run 8.

I didn’t run Thursday, I thought 2 miles was just not worth it. I know that sounds terrible, but I was still a little sore from Sunday’s 8 miles and I wanted my legs to get fully rested for Saturday.

And yes I know I didn’t take any pictures of any of these runs. I noticed this on Friday when I went to get my race stuff and was like, “What?! No self-obsessed pictures? I must make up for this tomorrow”. You’re welcome.

Saturday I had a race, the Heart of Savannah YMCA 5K and afterwards I was going to run 5 miles around Forsyth Park and I was so excited! I’ve never ran around the park, but I’ve always wanted to. Its just so beautiful. I was so pumped and ready to go! I honestly had a great time running, I wasn’t racing just running because I wanted to enjoy it and be around others. I was feeling great and things were good UNTIL mile 2 at the water station. I fell. Hard. I somehow grabbed a cup from this adorable little girl and I think dipping low to get it and popping back up also while running a curve I just tripped myself and landed on my hands. However, it didn’t hurt except my left knee started to get a little sketchy. I heard a pop and didn’t feel initial pain. I kept on running. Then around 2.5 I had to do a little walk break because my knee was hurting. I walked just a little distance and then ran the rest finishing at 32:30.

Ok at this point I walked to a bench to rest my knee and see if I could run 5 more miles, I also had a great view while waiting for Zach and get his opinion.

Leave it to him and be the smart one out of us two. Due to the history with my left knee it was the best to just stop and not put even more pressure on it and allow it to get better and actually see if I injured it. Whatev.

To test it out we walked a little and headed towards where we got married. I know, you’re saying “aw!” I was saying, “Well those flowers weren’t that nice when we got married last year!” Yes I was jealous.

Zach asked how my knee was feeling and I tried to lie and say it was fine, but homeboy knows me all too well. It was time to call it a day. I was fighting back tears and tried to manage a smile for my finishing photo.

Before you ask, yes that is my favorite outfit to run in. If I could wear it everyday I would. Anyway. My next stop which is race tradition is go eat at Clary’s. I was looking forward to this all morning and it did help to lift my spirit up. I really wanted to run 8 miles and see if I could do it faster. I did do the right thing and not run those 5 miles because heaven help me I would of died if I messed it up and couldn’t run my half-marathon!

Here is my time and the reason I allow myself to eat this yummy food.

So Sunday morning I woke up and walked around and boy did my knee ache. Disappointment sunk in. I tried not to think about it all day, and thats really hard. I think I’m being so hard on myself now is because I have one week left before I run!

This morning is technically the start of Week 16, but I wasn’t going to allow myself to not try for 8 and so I did this morning. I’m incredibly stubborn. Go hard or go home right? Yeah…I went home.

Due to my disappointment I ran again. One mile. In my mind 5 just sounded good and a hell of a lot better than 4 when going for 8. I said I was stubborn.

So I ran 5 miles just under an hour again. YES, I KNOW I’M SLOW. And I don’t care. I honestly don’t anymore, only because I’m trying my hardest and I have 13.1 miles to run. Thats a lot. Either way in my weird mind I am happy with 5. And yes I have 5 miles to run on Wednesday and then 2 on Thursday and the freaking 10 on Saturday. I can do this. I can conquer this.

So I have no idea where Week 16 is starting. I guess I will just start Wednesday since I was supposed to run 2 this morning…its all messed up. But boy am I happy this is almost over.

I honestly hope my knee will be fine. I have to take it easy now, I will not drop out of this training or the race October 7. I’m really worried its going to go down hill from here, but I won’t allow that. I will run my little heart out until I reach my goal.

There you have it, sorry its so long.

How was your long run this weekend? 

Have a fun race on Saturday?

What is your favorite post-race tradition?

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