Half-Marathon Training Week 14

Hey friends. This past week has been a crazy one. Emotionally and physically. I have been dealing with some stuff in my personal life that has effected my running and everything else. Its been a struggle to get out and run just because I haven’t been feeling up to it and I’m noticing that I am getting really angry at myself for my time and pace. Something is off and I am trying my best to overcome it. Lets just say there has been a lot of crying over here. Its hard to talk about sometimes on a blog just because things come across as happy and cheerful all the time and that is definitely not my life 24/7. Nor is it anybodies. I am hoping for some good to come my way. I do however have a saint as a husband because he has to deal with my craziness and he is being the best emotional support I could ever ask for. I sure do like him a lot 😉

This week went from easy to killer hard. I would also like to mention at my cousin’s reception I managed to have a blast and drop a full beer bottle onto my toe while dancing and thought it was just a bruise. Well when it still hurt the next day I figured it was broken. I want you all to know I have been running on a hairline fractured toe.

Yes its ugly. I’ve been taping it and it feels fine while running, but when I am done it hurts super bad.

Monday and Wednesday I ran 2 miles. Thursday was 4 and today was 8. Let me just apologize for my French, but 8 miles is hard as shit! I was no way prepared for such a grueling experience. I have been humbled and will take all my miles with happiness and be thankful I can run, but man that was crazy hard. Anyway, back to Monday. Those 2 miles felt good as a “shake your legs out” kinda run. I was feeling awesome and it just felt refreshing to get outside and bond with my Garmin.

Wednesday it also felt good to run, I opted to run in the evening just because I had to work and I wanted to sleep in instead of get up. Besides it was just 2 miles and I can handle that at night, but I didn’t get out until 7:30 and the sun was setting. It was black before I got to a full mile, it was scary not being able to see where your foot is going.

Thursday I again, ran in the evening. I was supposed to run these 4 miles on Wednesday, but since I got out so late I just swapped days. I have to show you what my legs looked like from the wedding. For the record, I was having a blast and it never occurred to me to spray bug spray. I was attacked by mosquitoes. And I scratched them like a child until it was no longer itching unaware that they would leave me with bruise-like marks.

I have learned my lesson. Always use bug-spray at outdoor events.

Back to my run, it felt ok. 44 minutes and I was bummed. My legs felt incredibly tired and I felt tired. I was just feeling kinda blah about the whole thing. I also had no idea how I was going to double this for the weekend. I also came home to a sleeping hubby so I had to quickly take a picture while coming into the house.

Ok, now the big one. The 8 miles that kicked my ass this morning. I wanted to run yesterday morning, but given that Zach and I didn’t go to bed until 1 something was not in the cards for me since I had to get up and get to work in a couple of hours. Sunday sounded so much better. I for some reason felt the jitters like I was getting ready for a race, is that weird? I was nervous/anxious/excited. My thought process was take it 2 miles at a time. That just made it sound so much easier to handle. I honestly had no idea what I was in for. The whole thing started slow, like nothing past 11:45 for the first 2 miles. My legs just were not matching my mind, I wanted to pick it up but they were not having it. It took the first 3 miles to fully get moving and around 4 I headed to the house to get water and I was 45 minutes in. Things felt good at mile 5 and the time was just under 60 minutes. I think I was at 56 minutes for 5 miles. I ran straight for 6 and then things went downhill. I was at 6.5 miles when I hit the wall. Things were not good. I have no idea where and what my times were for that last 1.5 miles. I had a crying fit at mile 7, I wanted this to be over so bad. I felt like crap, I was fatigued and tired of the sun bearing down on me. That last mile was hell on earth. I literally couldn’t get up to speed until I had .10 left. I ran my heart out, I do know my pace went up to a fast 10:10. Yeah…that was “fast” for the entire run. I did want to come in under 1 hour and 30 minutes. I was only 56 seconds past my goal.

My average pace was 11:22. I finished and walked around the neighborhood just to keep my legs moving before I stretched and foam rolled. I think I walked about a 1.5 miles just in a daze. It took forever for me to get a grip on my run and once I was brave enough to look at my stats I was disappointed. I just laid on the floor, which felt like forever…it was only like an hour…and was thinking where did things go wrong. Where did I go wrong.

Now that its over I can say this. Nothing went wrong. I managed to stay near my goal. I managed to run 8 miles. I did ok, not fantastic or fast, but good for me. I did it. Its an emotional experience to run that far when you never thought you could. For my first time ever running 8 miles I am glad I kept at it and didn’t quit at 6.5 when I hit the wall. Even with dead legs I kept going.

I have nothing else planned for today and I cannot wait to not do anything. Besides eat. A lot. I burned 915 calories! I was shocked, especially since I only ate like 190 calories worth of food 90 minutes before finishing.

How was your long run for the week? 

Anything emotionally crazy going on in your life?

Ever broken a toe and ran on it? 


6 thoughts on “Half-Marathon Training Week 14”

  1. Good for you for not giving up! My long runs have been very on and off, 1 week great the next as If I’ve never run before.
    I’ve been on a bit of an emotional roller coaster for the past few days, my best friend got diagnosed with brain cancer out of the blue yesterday and it’s been a bit of a blur since

    1. So sorry to hear about your friend, I’ll be praying!

      Yes these long runs are more difficult than I imagined only because it gets to be a mental struggle. You know I was told, “8 isn’t any different than 6, it’s just 2 more miles.” Well those 2 miles are incredibly tough to run. I hope to do better this weekend since I’ve got 8 to run again. But thank you for the support!

    1. Thanks! It’s getting better. But I refuse to stop my training so as long as its not killing me I’m going to keep running.

      Oh exciting! I can’t wait, I’m glad to hear its a good race! I’m sure you’re much faster, but maybe we will see each other!

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