Half-Marathon Training Week 13 And 3 Miles is Hard

So fun story, I am currently in Florida for a grand occasion, Brittney’s wedding! Being in the wedding industry, I’m a big mush for them. I just love weddings! And of course, I am doing her wedding cake. This is the first one I have fully taken on alone.  I can’t wait to show y’all pictures of the gorgeous bride and her groom, along with the cake.


Week 13, 4 weeks left of my training! I honestly feel slightly sad it’ll be over. The build-up for my first half-marathon is crazy exciting, but once its over I’m not sure how things will be. Confused blogger? Check.

Back to the not so fun stuff, just kidding. This week has been great! I love a good low-milage week. Three 3 milers and one 4 miler. Heaven help me, I love a taper week. Obviously I couldn’t run today, I mean I have to get ready for the wedding and play in make-up with the bride. However, I only ran twice this week. TOTAL SLACKER! I ran Monday and Friday…oops.

Monday I ran late, I think at 7 pm. I was in the mood to run fast, or faster than what I’ve been running. Pretty much anything under 10 minutes. I love it when you shave off a lot of seconds from each mile, it equals a big running-ego boost. I had such a great time running! Nothing went wrong, it just felt amazing. Plus my time was the fastest 3 miles I’ve ran all summer! Whoop whoop!

After I got home and crashed in the driveway talking to the hubs I realized I ran in a full face of make-up. I had sweated off all my face, except my eyeshadow. I’m sure karma is coming my way with a nice amount of break-outs soon. Bummers.

So I was supposed to run Wednesday and Thursday. I totally didn’t. I have no good reason, I just wanted some days off. And I’m ok with that. I’ve had a lot  on my mind for the past couple of weeks and I knew my dad was coming in Wednesday and then my mom on Thursday so I just wanted to relax and focus on that.

Something magical came in Thursday afternoon. I was screaming like a child. My Garmin Forerunner 405 was here! I charged it and 2 hours later I did a test mile with it and couldn’t figure out how to change the distance units and stuff like that. I guess reading the directions helps.

Friday morning I headed out and was pumped to run with my new best bud, Garmin. The run was so hard! I couldn’t shake the dead-ness out of my legs and I was just slow. Like super slow! I never knew how hard running just 3 miles is.

Don’t let that 9:05 fool you, I was averaging about 10:25. I just wanted to be done and at the house. I am hands down in love with my Garmin. I will never break-up with it. Its forever on my wrist when I’m running. It was just so easy to look down and see the time/distance/pace without having to pause and not fall over when looking at the Nike+ app.

When I got home I managed to not only take a fantastic picture of myself, but I also got a huge drop of sweat in my eye. It burns. Oh and my shirt glows! I swear, its bright-ness overload.

Normal picture now, the good kind.

So there is my itty-bitty training week. I can’t believe I only ran 6 miles and that I’m not upset about it. Crazy!

Now I am off to watch my cousin get married and live happily ever after!

Did you ever just run a short week during your training because you needed it?

Have a shirt that glows?

When did you realize running a short distance could possibly be hard? Mine was so Friday.


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