Half-Marathon Training Week 12

This week has been a foggy one, Im surprised I know what day it is. Zach had oral surgery on Monday and it was a grueling couple of days here at the house. Like we were up at odd hours and taking naps most of the day. This lasted until Thursday. You would of thought we’d just had a baby, but no. My favorite part was when my parents called and are like, “you sound really tired” yeah thats because I was. So this week I suffered during my runs because I was in fact half asleep or running on empty.

On this part of my training I now have to run 4X a week. I’m so glad it started this week where I’m pretty much dead. Monday was 2 miles and I decided to hold off until after Zach’s surgery and once we got home I’d go out. Well, that did happen but after calling his doctor to get some medicine and then I went out. Not only was I running in hot weather, it was also 11 am and about to rain. I also got caught in the heavy downpour in the last .30 . The worst 20 minutes of the week. Whatever I ran and it was done.

Wednesday I had 4 miles and I did ok, but it was so humid from the previous storms that I thought my heart was going to come out of my chest, thats how hard I was breathing and my heart rate was so high. I’m telling you, humidity makes it impossible to breathe and can really mess you up. The worst humidity is in the southern most part of the Southern states. Not only did I not enjoy this, I had another break-up potential moment with Nike+. It freaked at mile 2.85 and thought I was finished so it decided to end it. However, this time it let me start back up and finish the 1.11 miles I had left. But seriously?! Come on! Stupid thing, I hate it.

So Thursday I had 2 miles to run, yeah ok I was holding this off as much as possible. 1.) I wasn’t feeling up to it 2.) my legs were really tired and 3.) it was raining, off and on again. I finally decided to just get it done around 5:50 pm and it was great until .65 when Nike+ blew up and had a panic attack and literally skipped/paused/resumed/sped up/pissed me off and I couldn’t handle it. After this week this just threw me over the edge. I was fighting back angry tears and ran the rest of my 2 miles without music and without caring. There is nothing like the most emotional run you can remember where every minor thing comes up when you’re finished. I came home screaming at my phone, threw it across the living room and sobbed for a good 10 minutes. Within this 10 minutes I said I was done with running. I quit. And I meant it. I was shaken to my core with disappointment and I told Zach I’ve pushed myself to the point of hating what I once loved. This went on until he asked if I was really done, and I said I wasn’t. I couldn’t be done. I could hate it right now, but I couldn’t quit. As he was slowly bringing me back from the ledge, he did something I never saw coming.

MY HUSBAND ORDERED ME A GARMIN WATCH! Now, I honestly didn’t see this coming right now. We talked about getting me one for our 1 year anniversary gift and before my half-marathon, but Zach said it was the right time to get one. He said he couldn’t see me getting upset over my phone anymore or me coming home crying. Like I said last week, this half-marathon training has been more of an emotional experience than I ever thought. I have to remind myself that this is something new, something I’ve never done. Adding more miles can really be daunting. And it has been, its also opened my eyes. This whole thing is a real test on mental strength. Its hard to fight back and keep your chin up when you’re uncomfortable or scared.

No picture for this run, I was emotionally upset and didn’t want to capture such a photo.

Saturday I was going for 8 miles. Sadly and I mean sadly, I didn’t get past 6. I was feeling great, I mean I was running slower on purpose so I could really get it at the end. I had the finish in sight, until…the stupid freaking Nike+ was acting like a child and threw a tantrum at 5.70 so I cut it off at 6. I couldn’t do the skipping thingy again. I am so incredibly over joyed that I am getting rid of this next week when I have my shiny, beautiful Garmin. The funny thing was, I had Zach take 2 photos of me last night since he would be leaving during my run. I had a 6 mile and 8 mile. The only reason I was going for 8 was because I wanted to, I know I said last week I was going for 6, but I was really excited about running this morning! So I have to use the pre-run 6 miler photo. Boo. I did however finish in a faster time than last 6 miles I ran, 1:02 (I stopped to eat some Swedish Fish and didn’t pause my run).

Honestly, I’m glad I only did 6 because if Nike+ would fudged up closer to 8 I would of lost it. My phone would seriously be broken. I may try for 8 next Friday while I’m in Florida for my cousin’s wedding or I might stick to the scheduled 4 and attempt 8 the next weekend. I don’t know where  my training is going, but I think its going in the right direction. I have to learn to trust it!

Long week 12 is in the books baby! So much running I had to take 2 photos to get all those miles!

You can see where on Wednesday the Nike+ app and I were having some complicated issues, hence the 2 runs on Wednesday.

Well my legs and feet are tired, I’m tired. I helped a friend at her wedding cake shop today so I’ve been on my feet pretty much all day. Now time to rest, eat, and watch COLLEGE FOOTBALL! Clemson (my love) is playing Auburn in Atlanta tonight! Go Clemson Tigers!

How was your long run today?

Do you have a Garmin? Love it?

5 thoughts on “Half-Marathon Training Week 12

  1. sandy sneakers blog says:

    Kudos to your husband for ordering you a Garmin!! I have a Garmin myself and I LOVE it!! Best running investment ever, I honestly feel naked running without it now lol…and girl let me tell you I understand how running in the heat/humidity goes. Down here in South Texas that’s all it is, year round. I’ve definitely had those days where every little thing on top of the humidity just pisses you off and you want to throw everything on the ground..hang in there and keep going! You have a Garmin now lol!

    • Brooke says:

      Thank you! I am sooo excited to get it! It should be here Thursday and I am whipping it out for a run on Friday. I can’t wait!!! But man, its like that all year round?! Holy cow! I couldn’t imagine.

  2. Melissa says:

    Haha yeah maybe for a few weeks or so in the winter we get a decent little cold snap, but Texas weather definitely has a mind of its own!! I’m hoping maybe I can move to a different area of Texas in the near future, maybe an area that at least has a winter season! lol…take care!

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