Half-Marathon Training Week 11

This post is going to be a LONG one! Just a heads up.

So last week I ran my long run on Friday since I was driving up Saturday to Marietta. It was the worst drive I’ve ever had on the way up there. Its only a 4 1/2 hour drive and normally easy-breezy. HA! Not this time. I ran over a whole tire in the middle lane on I-75. The guy in front of me had just enough time to miss it, but I wasn’t so lucky. I had a two 18-wheelers on my right and 3 cars to my left and one guy on my ass. I tried slowing down as much as I could and just drove over it and immediately pulled over into the emergency lane. Things looked fine until I drove a mile and pulled over again crying. Thank God my husband works for BMW and he talked me through the whole process of how to fix my car and I managed to 1.) fix it without tools and 2.)not get hit by another car or truck on I-75. Win-win. Sunday when he came up he inspected it and gave me the ok. Now my front is missing a huge chunk of its decorative piece in the lower grill and some tire thing is missing.


I was co-hosting a bridal shower for one beautiful bride! My cousin/BFF is getting married in just weeks and I had a blast getting decorations and planning food and of course, one beautiful cake. Look at this cake.

I also got to make a fun gift, I saw this on Etsy, but wasn’t going to pay money for it. Besides it needed to be personal so I opted to run around my neighborhood (at night so no one would see me) and took pictures of random mailboxes and car tags.

I am artsy. I was so hoping she was going to love it, I mean I did. I would of died (of happiness!) if I was given this gift with so much meaning. Well, she did in fact love it. And look how gorgeous she is?!

Bridal shower was a success! Everyone had a great time and we couldn’t stop talking about it at dinner Monday and Tuesday.

Now all the really fun stuff is over, lets to my training. Blah. I’ve realized this week that I want to fall back in love with running. Right now its feeling like a job instead of something I love. I’m not sure what the deal is, but I’m  just dreading getting up in the morning and knocking out the miles. I think once my race is done then I was actually like running again.

Monday I opted to run on the treadmill, I also didn’t know how to work the Nike+ app while indoors until AFTER I finished running. So I had to take proof that I did run. Regardless I still managed to run over 5 miles and watched Maury without headphones and blasted my music from my iPhone (no one was in there) and I was still bored out of my mind. I was going to run outside, but for some reason I was scared to go alone. Something about being a new place just makes me come up with nightmares of what might happen.

My next run was scheduled for Wednesday, but I wanted to sleep in since I was leaving around 11 anyway. So Thursday I was on for 4 miles. I was so not ready to run outside that I forgot how to run in the humidity. That boring treadmill got me all spoiled. So I only ran a 5K. I figured since I was running Saturday it would be fine, and 3 is better than zero, right? Plus it was so freaking hot and humid! I also made the HUGE rookie mistake of leaving my water at the house. I was at 1. 5 miles and it hit me that I had nothing to drink, normally wouldn’t be an issue…but it was 80° and humid. All those other runners were pouring water on their heads and wasting it and I was dying and cramping up. Yes, I was jealous. Too hot to take a sweaty pic outside, so I came and reclined on our IKEA chair, all sweaty. Gross.

Saturday. Oh Saturday. It was a beast. I hated Saturday. Yesterday I was going for 6 miles. I was actually excited and ready to go, I was trying a new gel (strawberry-banana, tasted like yogurt) and had a water. Double win-win! Things got rocky at exactly 3.30 miles. And it wasn’t me. It was the Nike+ app. It freaked out on me and kept coming up with Voice Control and pausing then resuming without me even touching it and then speeding up my music and skipping and it did this for a good 10 minutes. I was this close “-” to throwing my whole phone on the ground. I was trying to run and it wouldn’t stop pausing/resuming so I stopped it. Then, it wouldn’t allow me to start another run. Then it decided to delete the 3.30 miles I just ran. I was livid. I was right by the house and just gave up. I seriously hate the Nike+ app, and this is why I want a Garmin. Can you tell I was completely and utterly pissed off?

I was downright pissed off. Then I was thinking, “Hey I’ll just run tomorrow. Tomorrow has got to be better”. Yeah that run didn’t happen this morning. I am so mad at myself, but than again I prayed for God to either wake me up or allow me to rest and I ended up catching up on all the sleep I’ve missed. I know not every run will happen, but I’ve been so great up until this week of my training. Week 11 is going down as the worst week. I only ran 11 out of 15 miles, I couldn’t finish the 4 miles or try again at the 6. I don’t even want to count the 3.30 I ran on Saturday, but I will because I ran them.

So now my training plan is modified to what I need it to be, and Saturday, September 1, I will go for 6 instead of the 8, push my first 8 onto September 8 (which is my cousin’s wedding, so we’ll see how this works) and then things are where they need to be. I get I need rest and that is what is most important in training, but it struck me that I am making this my job…and I don’t like that. I want to enjoy this experience, not beat myself up for missing a run.  All I do is run and not give myself a break, and this morning my body was needing a break and overall it felt nice.

How was your running this week?

Has anyone ever modified their training plan to accommodate their needs?

Ever run over a tire?


6 thoughts on “Half-Marathon Training Week 11

  1. sandy sneakers blog says:

    I found a lot of things I could relate to in this post…so first off, I am currently training for a 1/2 marathon (my first!) and I know how frustrating it is to have a bad running week. I missed my long run last Sunday and I had serious exercise guilt over it (as in I never understood exercise guilt until I missed that run!) I agree it is important to try not to beat yourself up over missing one run, and one run missed won’t ruin your training. I am using a Garmin and I love it! I can’t go for a run without it anymore…sometimes my ipod does spastic things like skip or change volume level while I’m running and it drives me CRAZY. I nearly threw my ipod across the road too lol. Also this week I tried one the strawberry-banana gels and it has been my favorite so far. None of them are that great but this was actually yogurty like you said! Once more, I agree with the whole running feeling like a job thing. I’ve always been a runner and have loved it but I’ve noticed with training running is something I have to do now, not just an option. So once the half is over I’m hoping to change things up a little with some cross-training or exercise classes. Sorry for writing a novel here, keep your chin up and look to God for support and you will do great!! Good luck!!

    • Brooke says:

      Thank you for your support! I’m so glad there is someone else out there who understands what I’m going through. It can be hard to express emotions that come with this training that someone can’t understand or relate too. I never knew this training would be such an emotional experience, never saw that coming. But I think you’ll fall back in love with running once your race is over, I fully believe that will happen for the both of us!

      And yes, the strawberry-banana gel is by far the best one! I will never go back to vanilla bean, its so…yuck.

      Thank you for reading!

  2. Luv What You Do says:

    That is the coolest gift ever! I love that idea. I wish I was artsy, and would be happy to get that gift from anyone!

    I had to modify my training plan for my first half marathon and only ran 10 before the race…nothing longer. In the end, adrenaline and the fans got me through the last 3 and I felt fantastic!

    • Brooke says:

      Thank you! I loved her gift, I’m thinking of making one for my husband and I.

      Yeah my longest run is 9 miles, but I’m thinking of trying 10. Adding 3 miles sounds a lot easier than 4!

      • Luv What You Do says:

        I agree! 10 just has that sound to it too…like if I can run 10, I can do anything! Before the marathon, my longest run was 20 miles. This is really common and I promise, it all works itself out. Best of luck ENJOY all 10 (and then 13.1) miles!

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