Half-Marathon Training Week 10

Before I get into my weekly recap of my half marathon training, I have something to express thats been brought to my attention.

I am not a dietitian or personal trainer. I’m Brooke. I don’t even like to call myself a runner, but I will today. I am a runner. And I choose to eat healthy food, because I like it. The one and only reason I have this blog is to inspire those who want to change their lives for the better, to enjoy the amazing benefits of being healthy! My inspiration to try and better myself is for setting an example for my own dad. That’s the main reason I set goals and push my body beyond it’s limit is to send out a message that anyone and everyone can do this. I want my dad to get healthier so I can have him around a lot longer, call that selfish if you want. I don’t care. That is my dad. After his heart attack, which was almost two years ago, I literally collapsed. From that day on I have been highly concerned about his health. As well I should be I mean, come on thats my father. I try to set examples of healthy eating and exercise for everyone, not just my dad. To know there are those who make fun and dislike my message for my blog actually hurts. So I ask, if you’re going to mock what I’m truly passionate about then please don’t bother reading my blog. Its that simple. 

That was pretty emotional to type up, its hard to type when you’re shaking. Now lets get on to the training.

OMG there is only 7 more weeks of my training plan before I run 13.1 miles!

Let the freak out begin…now. And now its over.

I got up super duper early to run yesterday morning because I’m heading up to Atlanta (today) for my cousin/BFF’s bridal shower (that I am co-hosting) and I need to get up there before 2 (when my mom goes into work) so I can prep food and oh yeah, make her cake. Fun times for sure. Lets get to this week shall we?

Monday’s run was ok. I swear the weather here is getting ridiculous. I woke up to a nice 73° with 96% humidity. Whats the point of cooler weather if its almost 100% humidity? That just makes the whole run miserable. My legs were feeling sore from Saturday and I got a little worried so I took it slow for the first mile, and picked up the pace around 2 miles but then my left hip flexor starting to burn a little at 2.38 so I slowed down. I ran until 2.89 and had to stop. My hip was cramping. I don’t know what happened. I wasn’t running too fast, I had water so I wasn’t dehydrated and I ate 2 Shot Bloks. Whatever it was I sat on the sidewalk hidden from people so I could just chill out for a second. I think I sat there for 4-5 minutes just talking myself into running that last 1.11 miles. Thats not a lot I know, but when you’re down in the dumps it sounds like a 1,000 miles. I just got up and ran. I didn’t even realize I was close to finishing until the lady said 4 miles. That mile was indeed my slowest one for the run, but I felt like it went so quickly. I had nice sweat marks when I finished.

I also couldn’t believe my BIC band didn’t move even though I kept playing with my hair.

There is my goober picture of the week. I was watching this spider while taking this picture. I did not want that thing to get on me, it was a jumping sider. Gross. But yeah, that sucker didn’t budge. I highly recommend one! Mine is the sparkly black skinny band.

After my run I tried, key word tried drinking one of these

Whoever thought this was a great idea was seriously wrong. I couldn’t get one sip down before spitting it out. I am so classy for sharing that information. It is hands down the worst drink ever. Ever. I can’t even describe the flavor besides nasty. Thankfully the good taste of chocolate milk made it go away. I just can’t get on the coconut water band wagon. Its just not for me.

Wednesday’s run was a little better. Only issue was my stomach. It felt so uneasy the whole 4 miles. I had a speedwork day (2X1600Ms at 10:20 and 800M recovery jog) and it was fine, but I wasn’t running as fast as I normally do for the 10:20’s, it was more like a 10:40 pace. I also hate the recovery jog for 800m…it registers your mile as slow! And yes, I know I am slow. But only when I want to be, like all the time 😉 Either way I was just running to get in the miles, I wasn’t really reaching a goal. The only thing I was thinking about was how in the heck was I going to add 2 extra miles on Friday. I am utterly lazy when it comes to prepping for a run, with food I mean, so I get tired real quick. I hate having food in my stomach before I run, so I try to get down a full piece of GF toast with PB and a whole bottle of water. I always bring my Shot Bloks on my runs, and another thing of water…but I still get tired. Oh well. That was a side-tracked statement, back to my run. I had to show y’all my crazy hair afterwards. It was frizz central.

Glamourous I tell you, thats the way I look on all my runs 😉 and look at my horse tail for hair. I swear that thing gets thicker by the day. It needs another trim bad. I really want to cut off 4 more inches. Shiver, that freaks me out. And I’m noticing when I go outside to take a sweaty self-obsessed picture of myself I start to get more sweaty and for some reason I really like that so I sit out there for like 10 more minutes. I like to get as much sweat out as possible. I feel like I’m in a sauna. Does anyone else do this? I’d like to think so…so I’m on the only weird one.

I ran my 6 miles yesterday morning. I got up super early, I’m talking 5:20 am. I had to give myself time to get my pre-run schedule on schedule. When I decide to get up earlier things just don’t go to plan. So I have to allow 40 minutes to a hour. Crazy. But if I get up at 6:44 I’m out by 7, so weird. Anyway, thats total TMI…sorry. So I got up and had my first ever gel 15 minutes before I was ready to head out.

It was PowerBar Energy Gel in vanilla. I got  half of it down in 5 minutes and couldn’t stomach the rest. Flavor was way too sweet and it felt hot in my mouth. I hated it. I had some water and it was not settling well with me. I got out at 6:08 and holy cow it was super dark. Like erie. The last time I ran at 6:15 it was a lot brighter outside, but this morning was just scary. I’ve never ran when its dark. So around mile 1 my stomach was wrestling with me. Already. Everything was good in my mind, I just couldn’t get past that awful gel and how it was messing me up. I was mad that I decided to try something new, and that I had no Shot Bloks on me. So I buckled up and just cruised and around 3.5 I turned to the house. I had to get stop and grab my my trusty old Shot Bloks and man those tasted so good. At this point I was questioning my goal of coming in under an hour and I was concerned because I was now at 35:00 in. Yes, I was going slow because 6 miles is a lot. I wasn’t going to bust out of the gate on this one. So around 4.5 (I think 45 minutes in) something felt 100% wrong with my left leg, my hamstring to be exact. I was developing a leg cramp! Holy cow it was intense. I literally panicked because I didn’t know what to do, do I stretch it or walk it out or stand still? I felt a little dizzy at this point as well thanks to the lack of food in my system. So I stretched and walked a bit and that totally killed my dream of coming in under an hour. That last leg of 1.5 miles were so slow. And thanks to walking, it put a HUGE damper on my time. I finished at 1:08. I was pissed, for like 10 minutes.

I came inside, laid on the floor and didn’t move for almost an hour. I may or may not of been crying. I was so confused on what I was feeling. Was I happy I did it or mad/sad/disappointed that my time wasn’t under an hour? I do know things started off wrong. From trying the gel and having stomach issues, to the cramp that totally blind-sided me. If those things didn’t happen I would of finished just at 60 minutes. But they did happen and I did come in after an hour. I so badly wanted this under my belt and I wanted it to be great, and majority of it was! The only thing I saw was my time and not the journey I had to get there. I mean all of my training. I remember trying to run those 6 grueling miles back in December after only running up to 5 miles and then injuring my leg. My time sucked, big time. That was at 1:17 and here I am complaining about 1:08…and thats with having some issues. After really thinking about, I was still proud of myself. I didn’t do too terrible, and I did have a good run for more than half of it. Why wasn’t I thinking about that?! Because I’m stubborn. If it doesn’t go one way, its just not good. I’ll say it again, 6 miles is a lot and its hard. But I did it.

I’m glad this week is over and I am proud for not quitting. I wanted to so badly, but a walk break doesn’t leave you with the failure feeling. To me quitting is failure, taking a break or walking is only a minor thing. Regardless I did learn for this run, do not take gels and its ok if things don’t go according to plan. Thats life. Not every run is going to be textbook or as great as your other runs, especially when it feels like a new distance. Plus having all these stomach issues is starting to concern me. Thats never a good thing when your stomach is bothering you while running.

Yeah remember last week how I said I had 5, 4, and 6…yup those are for next week. I was too excited that I didn’t see week 10…was looking at week 11 LOL. Now that my sad run story is over I am happy to say that I actually look forward to next week’s 6 miles. I will do better, I’m not setting up for under 60 minutes but if that happens then I will be thrilled.

I will have a fun little recap from my cousin’s shower that is happening tomorrow! I’m so excited, I’ve got a ton of stuff to do today like actually getting to Atlanta (I should be there or almost there by the time this goes up), grabbing lunch with a dear friend, grocery shopping, cooking and baking, and then relaxing. Ah, just a normal Saturday, right?

How was your runs? Do you remember the first time you ran a distance that was big in your eyes, how did it go?

8 thoughts on “Half-Marathon Training Week 10

  1. runwkate says:

    Sounds like it’s been a difficult week for you! I want to say lots of things, so I’m doing a relly wanky numbered comment!


    1. You’re really pretty – lovin’ the headband btw
    2. Haters gonna hate. If you have a hater/s, you’re doing something right! Keep being awesome and don’t let them get you down. They don’t know you.
    3. Coconut water looks terrible. Good on you for at least trying it!
    4. I find gels way too sickly sweet as well. But they make a massive difference on my long runs. I think you just have to play around until you find something that works for you.


    • Brooke says:

      Thank you Kate! Yeah this past week was a tough one, but I’ve learned from it. Like not being so hard on myself! And thank you for the support on the blog issue!

  2. Danielle says:

    Hi Brooke! I’ve read your blog for a while now and don’t know why I waited until now to comment. Just wanted to say that you are doing an awesome job with the training – even if the last run didn’t go so well. If you look on the bright side, it is SO much better that you tried the GU now instead of the morning of the half marathon. As for your 1:08 – that is awesome. Even if you had to walk. It is so much better to listen to your body than to hurt it even more. You were smart on that one. Smart thinking now means that you can keep running in the future! Good luck with this week’s running!

    • Brooke says:

      Well thank you for the comment Danielle! I love hearing from readers. Yeah one touch week should lead to a great one or at least that’s what I’m telling myself!

  3. Britt says:

    Amazing training! I’m inspired by your blog, my boyfriend and I are also very passionate about introducing our families to healthy lifestyles. Good for you!

    • Brooke says:

      Thank you so much! I’m glad so many are supportive of this, that’s my whole blog goal to spread the word of health and inspiration! That’s awesome about you and your boyfriend sharing the good word of healthy living!

  4. Mackenzie says:

    Good for you for sharing what your passionate about and what is on your heart! I found your blog through She Reads Truth and this marathon training looks incredible! You’re leading one fit life! You inspire me to make sure I go back and get back to doing my workouts! Have a wonderful weekend!

    • Brooke says:

      Thanks for reading! And thank you for your support! Yes I try to live a very fit life, and I’m glad it comes across. Thats awesome news that you want to get back into working out! Find something you love and have fun with it!

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