Half Marathon Training Week 9

This week has been terrible for a training plan, not due to me per say. Our weather has made it impossible to get in my runs! I’m all about a nice storm to cool things off, but come on! Waking up to heavy rain is just not fair. Like Monday, I was up and ready…and it was super cloudy. The storm was full on its way and I was running like the wind to get in 4 miles, but sadly at exactly 3 miles the rain started and then BAM! heavy downpour. I was completely drenched head to toe. I got in 3.25 miles out of 4 😦

Yeah that was what I got caught in. My shorts were glued to my skin, my shirt was so heavy and my cap took 5 hours to dry. I was trying to pull out my inner Kara Goucher and Shalane Flanagan from Sunday’s Olympic Women’s Marathon, but alas I couldn’t handle the flooding rain. Oh well…

Wednesday was the exact same thing, except I woke up to heavy rain and I was not putting myself in that again. It was not worth the risk of falling, which I also almost did Monday. I’m incredibly clumsy in general, but adding running and rain make it just more dangerous. Wednesday I was planning on running at night, and that was fine. Until I was on the way home (I just typed food, thats what I think about 24/7) and was craving teriyaki mushrooms and stuffed grape leaves from Fresh Market. Plus Zach called telling me to get a red onion, so it just happened to work out perfectly.

Eating teriyaki mushrooms and 3 stuffed grape leaves is a HORRIBLE idea before a run. I couldn’t help myself, I wasn’t able to put the fork down. I still wanted to run so I did.

It started out great! I was on schedule for 3 miles. The weather wasn’t extremely terrible thanks to the day’s storms and I came across this cuteness at mile 1.

How stinking cute are those baby ducks?! I stood there for a good 4 minutes watching them cross the road, there was a huge puddle on the sidewalk and those little babies waded in it. I was dying from the cuteness. I then reminded myself I actually was out for a purpose so I had to get back to my running. Thats when things went south…

I was starting to regret those mushrooms and grape leaves around 1.5 miles. I thought I would be fine and nope, I was definitely proven wrong. I was burping up my food. Also I brought a mix of Gatorade and water, and that was only making things worse. Sweet drink on top of food coming up is never a good combination. I was diminished of everything I had because I was forcing myself to not puke. So that run wasn’t great. I was however, happy to make it home before I threw up (and thankfully that didn’t happen)

This morning was another scheduled 4 miles and when I got up at 7 to check the weather, I was like a kid on Christmas morning. Not only was it not raining, it was only 73° outside! I know that is still considered warm, but for the South that is mild! I was so ready for 4 miles. My legs wanted to really knock out the distance. The run was great, I started out with a nice slow warm-up mile and then kept an easy pace, but picking up the time every mile. It did however take forever for my legs to warm-up and get used to running. I was in the groove until 2.3 when I saw a dog running in the road and I frantically went after it. Poor little thing was terrified of me so I just let it run into an apartment complex (but out of the road) because it kinda seemed to know where it was going. But can I just say, there was about 5 other runners out in the same spot and not one of them tried to save this dog. It wasn’t any bigger than a chihuahua and no one tried to save it except me. After the dog chasing it was near impossible to pick up where I left off, I was worried it would make my time slow. Thankfully it did not and I finished the run. This girl was so happy to finally make 4 miles this week!

(Yes that is the same outfit I ran in Monday, but I washed it. Promise.) And look what I busted out to run in?!

Good ole’ Nike LunarGlide’s. I don’t know what urge came over me, I really wanted to run in these this morning. I miss them, I would run in the them more often, but they hurt my ankles. It did take a little while to get used to them again, but no pain! I still love them because they were my birthday present from Zach. Horrible angle to take a picture BTW, my calves look big.

So there is week 9. Done. I’m still bummed about my distance this week, I really wanted to hit 11 miles but only got to 10 something. I know I couldn’t stop the rain so there is nothing I can do about it. I am happy however that I did get in at least 4 miles. Next week is intense yo. I got 5 miles on Monday and then 6 (!) on Saturday…before I leave for Atlanta. Yeah that’s going to be awesome!

So how did your runs go this week? Any issues with weather stopping you from conquering your scheduled runs?


2 thoughts on “Half Marathon Training Week 9

  1. Andrea says:

    Had to use the treadmill Thursday because of the rain and I almost had to reschedule my 20 miler today because of rain, but luckily I was able to wait about an hour and half and it stopped. Good thing because today was the day it needed to get done. Good luck on your training this week.

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