Half-Marathon Training Week 8

Holy moly, week 8! I still can’t believe it. I’ve been running 3X a week for 8 consecutive weeks. I’ve increased my milage more these 8 weeks than I have in the past year. Its amazing how much an extra 2 miles can help you. Another funny thing is how tired I’ve been. I figured it would be a challenge, but not this much physically. Like, I’m tired all the time. I mentioned this at work and got the best answer, “well training for a half marathon isn’t supposed to be easy.” Touche.

This week has been a crazy one, two 4 milers and today’s 5 miles. I’ve enjoyed running 4 miles a lot, I like it a lot better than 3. I’m still adjusting to the 5 miles, but its growing on me. I have no choice, I’ve got to like it.

Monday’s run was the bomb! I was so excited to go, 4 whole days without running (since last week was cray-cray on my run/work schedule). I managed to not get up at 5:40, slept till 6 and didn’t get out until 6:30…and had to be at work at 8:30. Within this time I have to run, shower, get ready, leave work and get to work by 8:30. Anyway…like I said I was pumped to run. I ran the whole time at a sub-10 minute mile pace, and it was a scheduled easy run! I’ll back track a little bit, I was going to run slower since Wednesday was a tempo run, but when I was out at mile 2 I thought I heard thunder. Remember, thought I heard it. While running more, and at 2.5 miles I heard it again. I called Zach and was like, “Is there a thunderstorm near us?” and his reply, “Um yeah, didn’t you check the weather? Its like right over us. Where are you? You need to get home.” Dang. Thats the reason I was running so fast, nothing like the threat of getting struck by lightning to get you going! I sadly didn’t take a picture of anything except this

I ran 3 holes into my socks! I was wondering what was hurting my toenails. well, guess its time for a new pair. Regardless, I ran fast. Boom.

Wednesday I ran slow, like way slow. My legs were tired from Monday, but I did get up at 5:40. That was way early. Thinking about that makes me yawn. I still didn’t get out until 6:15 and it was just dark enough, I’ve never ran that early and was actually excited to see whats its like before the sun comes up. I loved it. Only problem was it was even more humid than usual. I did loops around my house so at every mile I could get some water. When I was finished I looked like a hot-mess. Super hot-mess.

I was all red from the Southern heat, it was ridiculous. I was excited to get out before the sun came up, but once it was shining the temperatures sky rocketed. It was miserable and icky. All this summer training better make me better in the fall.

This morning I ran in Richmond Hill at the park and it was so uncomfortably hot. I was ready to get out there early, but that didn’t make a difference in anything. The temperatures were hitting 80 with heat index of 90°…at 8 am. Before I ran I was watching a show about snakes and alligators in the Everglades and then it hit me that it probably wasn’t the best idea…because I forgot our park has this sign

I couldn’t believe how many people were running and thankfully I wasn’t the only one suffering. People were dropping like flies. I was going for 5 miles, but after 3 I was done. 100% done, I was unhappy with 3 so I slowly ran one more mile and hit 4. Disappointment quickly came.

I felt so blah that I couldn’t even smile, and how bright is my shirt in my car? Seriously its blinding. I was fine with 4 miles instead of 5. I wanted to be smart about this and not push it. I mean you can only hold your own for so much in deadly humidity. I was heading home, and my body cooled off. At that moment I decided to not break my streak of miles. I knew I had one more mile in me. I got home, told Zach I was going out for one more mile and told him I’d be back soon. That little mile felt so good, it wasn’t as fast but it sure felt good to let my legs stretch out one more time. I was a happy, sweaty girl.

Week 8 done. Wahoo!

I’m happy I decided to run that extra mile. I wasn’t going to stop and feel defeated. I knew that stopping when I did was the best thing and continuing after I cooled down and rested a bit was best for me.

On a side note, this was in Runner’s World from Ziggy Marley. I am amazed he runs, I mean his hair is crazy long! But I love this,

So true. I couldn’t of said it better myself.

How is was your running this week? Any crazy signs that you come across while out on your runs?

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2 thoughts on “Half-Marathon Training Week 8

    • Brooke says:

      I’m glad someone else is feeling my pain LOL. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for fall! Southern humidity is the worst, people just don’t know how difficult it gets.

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