Sweat Pink Ambassador (and a giveaway!)

Well I’ve been waiting a while to do this post. I’m so excited to share the news. If you’ve noticed on the right side of my blog, there has been an Ambassador “sticker”. Thats because I am! I was so excited when I got the news, I was in the car with Zach and literally screamed…and scared him.

Yesterday I received my bag of goodies that included pairs of shoelaces and my sweat pink tank. I took this picture after coming home from the dentist…after I had a cavity filled. This definitely cheered me up! Plus thats why I’m smiling weird, my left side of my face was numb.

With being a Sweat Pink Ambassador I get to spread the news of a living a healthy lifestyle and how wonderful it can be! Sweat Pink is all about exercise, healthy eating, and enjoying life. You can see why I am excited to be a part of this community!

Along with sharing the Sweat Pink lifestyle, I get to have some awesome giveaways! I’m hosting my first one right here, today for some Sweat Pink’s signature hot pink shoe laces.

Aren’t those amazing? I love the color. You can have a pair too! I’m so happy to give away a pair, its my first chance at spreading the lifestyle of Sweat Pink.

Its an amazing community where hundreds of other women (and men) share a common love, exercise and healthy living. A lot of us are bloggers, runners, yogis, CrossFitters, triathletes, swimmers, cyclists. Pretty much every fun exercise you can imagine one of us does it!

So are you ready for a pair of shoelaces? All I need you to do is comment on the blog, telling me what makes you Sweat Pink. I’ll pick a winner on Monday!


8 thoughts on “Sweat Pink Ambassador (and a giveaway!)

  1. Nikki says:

    This is amazing!! I want to be a sweat pink girl!! I’m doing the color me rad run in October in knoxville, TN and those pink shoe laces would be perfect!! Congrats Brooke!

  2. Running For Today says:

    Most of my #sweatpink experience is done running! I try to get out 6 days a week, but more recently have been adding in 3-4 days of cross training to get faster and stronger so I can hit my PR whenever the next race comes around (still have to find one ;))!!!

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