Half-Marathon Training Week 6

Get ready, this is a long post with lots of pictures. This was the best week of training I’ve had so far. It was awesome!

Monday was 3 miles, and I did ok on time and everything. I wasn’t really focused, I was in the groove, until I came across this…

Yes, thats a snake. Its a harmless one, but none-the-less its a snake. A dead one at that. I’m weird when I run in a certain spot, the grass is way over grown and I always fear coming across a snake and this time I did. I sometimes think a stick is a snake, like thats how terrified I get. Its a little sad. Ok, maybe a lot sad. Anyway, it ended up being a great, sweaty run!

Wednesday was my first 4 miler on the training plan, and I was super excited. The last time I ran 4 miles was technically in December at the 10K, but I didn’t run 4 straight miles, I ran/walked. So the last real time was on my birthday when I ran 5 miles. But thats like 9 months ago! This was also a speedwork run, and I’ve never done those. I was nervous/excited. My goal was to finish feeling good, and I did! I had my Sweat Pink tank giving me pink power (since I am now an Ambassador! I’ll post that another day) and when I was done, I was a stinky-sweaty mess…but I loved it.

I’m not the fastest runner, but the plan was to go easy, and then speed it up to 90 seconds slower than ideal race pace, so I held on to that 10:25-10:33 mile pace for the last 3 miles! Wahoo! I know a lot of people are faster than me, and last year I was faster than this, but I wasn’t training this intense and being this tired. But I am so proud for doing it and maintaining it. I’m learning to run to where I feel comfortable, but still pushing it a little bit.

Today was the last run day (I was scheduled to run tomorrow morning, but I want to sleep in and I’m running Sunday) and it was again, 4 miles. This run was good, I still felt good…except the lead legs and feeling dead tired. I waited to run a little later because I was feeling a little iffy, stomach wasn’t happy. But I finished only 12 seconds slower than Wednesday’s run. Not bad in my mind! I was a mess, a sweaty-gross mess. Literally soaking in sweat.

I had a child ask me if he could go in the pool I just left from…HA! I about died, it was the cutest. As I was sitting here, I had a huge drop of my nasty sweat go in my mouth, holy gross-ness. There is nothing worse than that, but I will take that a sign of a fantastic run. It also looked like I peed my pants, but it was sweat. I couldn’t help but laugh at myself. My body was feeling beat up though. Shin pain like a female dog. This happened for longer than the usual 20 minutes.

Icing and compressing. Fantastic. I haven’t move for a while, but now its time to meet my husband for lunch. So that was my week 6 of training, and I am so happy about my times, and the distance. Next week is my 5 miler! Ah! But I honestly hope the rest of my training goes this well.

How was your long run?

Are you having great runs lately?

Are you scared of snakes like me?


9 thoughts on “Half-Marathon Training Week 6”

  1. Hi Brooke! Showing some Sweat Pink love! Great job rocking out your 1/2 training! I about died laughing when you said sweat in the mouth was the grossest thing ever; what grosses me out is when I’m breathing and inhale it through my nose – yuck! Good luck with your training and hope the shin splints go away soon.

    1. Thanks girl! Its always good to hear from another SPA! I swear, sweat anywhere where you can taste it is nasty! With a capital N LOL. I’ve never inhaled it, but I can imagine its not fun. But yes I am compressing and icing as I type this, trying to get all better!

  2. sounds like a great training week! we have a pretty good size snake that has been hanging out in our front yard. harmless, but we give it extra room when we walk by. it doesn’t really freak me out, but that could be because out here in the woods of Pennsylvania the bugs are nuclear-sized…way more scary!!

      1. perfect time of year for it…less snakes and bugs hanging around 🙂

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