Half-Marathon Training Week 5

Week 5 is done and over. Wahoo!

This week was not my best, it was hard. The mileage wasn’t an issue, it was all me. My mental strength was not present, every run was a struggle. Most of it was induced by the heat. I can’t seem to run “well” in the weather conditions we are dealing with here in Savannah. The humidity is zapping everything I got. But I’m happy I never missed a day, I put my big girl panties on and went running.

Monday’s run was actually not too bad, it was a 2 miler and I did ok. Again, my time was slow because I couldn’t push myself like I normally do. The heat and humidity was intense. I couldn’t believe how sweaty I got from just 2 miles.

I got in and decided to sit in my hall…? Why I have no clue, but I thought it was a good photo opportunity. See that little red spot on my right arm, yeah thats from a massive horse fly that bit me last Saturday. I now have a scar, awesome. Running war wound.

Wednesday’s run was a complete turnaround. I was so not present, I can hardly recall anything from it except that I was dying from left hip pain. I couldn’t focus on anything except that, and it wasn’t a sore pain. It was all hip flexor and IT Band pain, boo! I was stopped from it locking up, I also yelled a couple of foul words not realizing a lady was walking her dog. I apologized, and she just laughed saying, “Honey, it happens to the best of us runner’s.” Ha! Such a cool lady, I took a couple of walk breaks until my hip felt better and ran/walked till I got home.

Thursday I took a yoga class and requested many hip openers and our teacher was so nice and assisted me on every pose. She wanted to make sure I got as deep as I could and man, it felt awesome! My hips felt loose and open, which later turned into sore hamstrings. Whatever, it was so worth it.

Today was…how should I say it, … b-o-r-i-n-g. I slept later than I should have, it started raining. I was a mess. I headed out to the trail again, (its so pretty, but so many bugs!) and before I left my neighborhood I saw this.

Double rainbow! I busted out laughing thinking of that guy who was on tosh.o with the double rainbow video. I thought, “this is going to be one awesome run!” Yeah no. It was full on downpour until I got to the park. And I’m sure you’re aware of when it rains in the South, it makes it more humid. Heat index was 90° by the time I arrived at 9am.  Like I said, this run was boring. Nothing cool happened like last week where I saw a baby fiddler crab, or got bit by a huge fly. It was hot and muggy and I wanted it over with. And it happened. I was done with week 5.

Once I got home, I thought I’d do another tabata workout. So far I am loving these! I did a leg workout outside because I wanted to feel the ice cold temperature when I was finished. To say I was dripping in sweat is an understatement. These tabata workouts are super intense for just 4 minutes. It was awesome.

So I ended my week of training and now I’m more excited about next week, I get to increase my milage to 11 miles for the week, haven’t seen that in months! I can’t wait to run my first 4 miler of the plan. Is it crazy that I get excited about running miles? I’d like to think I’m not the only one. Now I’m stinky and need a shower, but this is so happening first.

Yummy, yummy chocolate milk! Such a good way to refuel and wind-down from my morning. Man, that is one long post! I had so much to say about an ok week 😉 Week 6 is going to be so much fun! I can’t wait.

How was your Saturday run? Tell me!

2 thoughts on “Half-Marathon Training Week 5

  1. Emma Ferris (@chemmastry) says:

    I just did a quick 30 minutes before leaving for my very first windsurfing lesson and then a day in downtown san francisco! Not a great run, not a terrible run, just gettin’ it done. Congrats on toughing out the heat and humidity! I’m from the east coast too and I know it makes me feel like complete CRAP all summer, and then when it’s finally fall I magically run like a minute/mile faster… haha

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