To-Do Lists

Well I have this whole week off, yes summer vacation started last Friday! Wahoo! With this much free time, I generally slack off on everything. To motivate myself to not go in lazy mode, I decided to make a simple to-do list to keep me on track of my life.

Yesterday was a typical Sunday, church service and napping. Oh plus going to my favorite place, the grocery store! Since I’ll be home all week we had to pick up extra things for me to eat. Zach doesn’t want to come home to a mean wife.


I got some yummy produce, like spaghetti squash and stuff to make Katie’s super delicious quinoa recipe (for the second week in a row, girl wasn’t joking when she said it was the best recipe). I got tons of lemonade too, I have been craving it since the beginning of summer. I just love it.

So here is my to-do list.

Yes, it includes only workouts and cleaning. Those are generally the two areas (ok mostly the cleaning) where I just brush aside.  And I know I can do all my cleaning in one day, but then I’ll be bored the rest of the week. And if I don’t have myself doing something everyday, nothing will ever get done. Schedules help me so much, if I see it then I’ll most likely do it if I have the time and trust me, I have plenty of time this week. Tuesday and Friday are my sleeping in days, the rest of the week I’m getting up early to run or attend my yoga class at 8am. But I’ll have time for afternoon naps! 🙂

Do you ever set up a schedule to keep you on track, even on your vacation?

And today is my Papa’s birthday, tomorrow is my dad’s. So Happy Birthday to my Papa and Dad!



2 thoughts on “To-Do Lists

  1. cookiecutterceliac says:

    That is definetly me in the picture, too! lol SO lucky your on vacation! Can’t wait to read how it goes!!

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