Half-Marathon Training Week 4

Wow this week was great for running. I managed to miss my Monday run because I had to go to work and therefore had to get up earlier than I usually do on Mondays so I didn’t run at 7. I proceeded to run my scheduled Monday on Wednesday and it was awesome! Way better than last week’s Friday run, like 1,000 times better!

I was feeling AUH-MAZING on Wednesday, the weather was so nice and I managed to get up early enough to not drown in my own sweat. Don’t you love it when that happens?

I tried to do the cool “take a photo while you’re running” and about tripped myself. Lesson learned, I can’t coordinate that too intense of an action. When I was done, my sweat pink shirt was literally sweating pink. I could ring out that tank if I wanted. That whole sentence is gross, I know.

Oh yeah!

Friday’s run was so-so. It was already hot, like 77° at 7am. This summer has been brutal. I ran slow, it was hot and I was just tired. It wasn’t really memorable. Not every run can be!

Today though, I wanted something different. I wanted to shake up my routine. I decided to hit our local trail in a nearby park, best decision ever!

Running on trails is hard for me, I’m so not used to it but I like the challenge. Like I said, I can’t coordinate running and dodging things, like rocks and limbs. I’m a disaster waiting to happen. I’m uber-clumsy. Anyway, enough about my clumsiness. This morning the weather was blazing, the humidity was killer. You could cut it with a knife.

The views though? They aren’t too shabby.

Wouldn’t you want to run here too? The river surrounds the trail on both sides. Another great thing about this trail is its half trail, half paved. Oh yeah win-win. Having a running route covered in shade feels so nice, it was completely different than the weather and my house. Downfall, no breeze! I found a way to get cool though. Run until you need a slight break, stop and let all your sweat drip all over yourself, then start running again. It feels awesome.

Cooling myself off with my sweat, gross.

I almost trampled on this poor little guy, I barely saw him!

Tiniest crab! I literally stopped because at first I thought it was a spider, then I noticed it had pinchers. Then I tried to help get across the path before another runner stepped on him. The best thing I saw all morning! Besides this,

Week 4 done. This week was all messed up because I missed my Monday run, and yes I was so tired this morning from running yesterday. But I sucked it up and ran. So happy I did, it felt awesome this morning. Now off to foam roll, guzzle chocolate milk, and shower. Running on trails makes one smell like sweat and outside. Delicious.

How were your runs this week?

Come across anything interesting like a crab?


4 thoughts on “Half-Marathon Training Week 4

    • Brooke says:

      It is nice when you don’t have it literally all over yourself! But I think for the rest of the summer that just is going to happen, a super sweaty mess after every run LOL!

  1. Emma says:

    I’m from the east coast too so I know how you feel about that heat and humidity – it makes summer running so much more difficult!

    Also, those trails look gorgeous!

    • Brooke says:

      Yes this summer has been hard on my half-marathon training, and only us lucky ones on the east coast get to experience blazing heat and humidity!

      But yes the trail is beautiful, makes the heat more tolerable.

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