Half-Marathon Training Week 3

Hard to believe I just finished week 3, its going so fast. You know what who isn’t fast? Me. Seriously I have been so tired after increasing my milage that my pace is suffering. Know what is also different about that? I don’t care about my pace, I’m focusing on the time. I took note from Julia Lucas in this month’s Runner’s World Magazine. She said, “On easy runs I go by time rather than miles. My Kenyan teammates taught me that most running is about putting in the time, not hitting a pace.” Hello new running philosophy.

This week has been a complete test on mental strength no doubt. I’ve ran in the most unlikeable conditions. From pouring rain to deadly heat. Talk about horrible. Monday was my scheduled 3 miler, but due to the downpour from Tropical Storm Debby I switched to my Wednesday 2 miler instead. So happy I did, I was literally watching the rain trying to figure out when the best time to head out would be. It started sprinkling and then turned into stinging rain. I was so not happy.

Me after my icky Monday run

Wednesday’s run was so much better, like ideal weather. Right before our heat wave came, there was a cold front from the tropical storm so I couldn’t get my shoes on fast enough to head out in 68°. The run was the best of the week, my time was great…my pace was steady and I felt energized when I was done. Yay for happy runs!

This morning was a complete 360 from both runs this week. For one it wasn’t cold and raining, second it wasn’t awesome cool weather, and third I thought I was dying. Hello heat wave and bad decisions.

My dumb mistake of the week

FEELS LIKE 100°, I was a having so much trouble with my 3 miles today and I took more walk breaks and complete stops then I’ve ever done. I never got up for my alarm to run at 7 (I heard it, but wanted more sleep) so I slept for 2 more hours. Big HUGE mistake. I was so slow and it felt like I wasn’t moving at all. My pace was more of a jog, and it was brutal. I wanted to be done so bad so I could just crash at the house, but I kept pushing myself. Mile 2 was so hard, I had no shade or breeze. I walked a lot and stopped a ton. Let me say for the record how great water feels when pouring it on your head. The last mile was the easiest, why I have no idea. The temperature when I started was only 85° (yeah only) and 30 minutes later it went up to 88°, I felt like death when I was no joke, .2 miles from my house. I couldn’t move and sat down. Thats when I noticed I wasn’t sweating anymore and had chill bumps all over my arms. Panic struck and I ran like the wind to get home. Thank the Lord I made it home. I literally fell to my knees and didn’t move for a while.

Happy I made it to my ice cold house!

I was done. Couldn’t wait to shower (not gonna lie I wasn’t smelling like roses) and just be on the couch. Which in fact is where I’m at right now doing nothing. I will NEVER run in heat like this again. I got my first chafe mark on my right side, and it sucks. I noticed the pain when I was in the shower, holy moly it stings. I’m pretty sure I will be burnt on my back, it feels hot now. Can I complain about anything else? Hmmm… 😉

Well next week will hopefully be better, if not I will scream. Its all 3 milers, wahoo!

How was your Saturday run? Anyone else running in this ridiculous heat?


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