Half-Marathon Training Week 2

Well friends I slacked off on the typing to get this post up before Saturday, but all my focus was on my cousin coming down with her fiance and son, then my aunt and grandmama coming down too. The trip was for Brittney to find a wedding dress (so much fun was had, trust me). You can see why I was obligated to not type this up ahead of time, shame on me.

But last week was great! I ran 7 miles total and definitely felt all of them. I was tired. Monday’s run was fine, another 2 miles and I was still a little tired from the previous week of just 4 (remember I didn’t run for almost a month) so adding those other 5 in a matter of days daunted me.

I pushed through though and enjoyed Wednesday’s run, but man Friday morning I was so not feeling it. I was extremely tired. The thought of adding another mile kinda made me want to cry, but I was like “shut up and get your butt outside.” The humidity literally killed me. I couldn’t tell if I had sweat or water on me. I was tuckered out before I was at 2 miles, but I just focused on finishing and getting inside my ice cold house. Also chocolate milk was running through my mind.

Low and behold I finished Week 2. Wahoo!

Week 3 is scheduled to be a 3, 2, and 3 miles. 8 total for the whole week. This increasing is already making me tired, but it could be from all the partying and fun I had with my family. I can’t believe how fast this weekend went by!

Now I’ve gotta do Day 2 of my second round of P90X. I’m addicted.

How was your weekend?


2 thoughts on “Half-Marathon Training Week 2”

  1. p90x and half marathon training? thats awesome! don’t feel bad for not feeling great all on your runs. sometimes there are good run, sometimes there are bad run, and sometimes you just have to go walk on a treadmill to get your miles in but either way you will be happy if you stick with it!

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