Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful dads. Especially to one wonderful dad, mine. I hope all the dads enjoy this day and have a great time doing all the things they want, including grilling or whatever manly stuff they enjoy.

My dad never actually told me “no” from what I can remember. I’m sure there were times he did, but I can only recall times he told me to go for it, do what you want, follow a dream, get dirty it won’t kill ya. Stuff like that. I do remember a time at Wal-Mart when I was no older than 6 and wanted these twin baby dolls. I pouted the whole time after my mom told me no, I had enough babies. At check-out my dad ran back to get them and bought them for me because he wanted to see me smile. I loved those babies until I was tired of dolls. Those type of surprises is what my dad is great about. It never had to be big or a toy at all, it could of been a surprise visit to school to pick me up. My dad is the person who never meets a stranger. Talk to him for 2 minutes and you’re suckered into a conversation lasting hours, but he is comfortable talking up a storm (that must be where I get it from). Its funny when I tell people how my parent’s raised me, and sometimes I get weird looks and most of the time I hear, “I wish my parent’s raised me that way.” Both my mom and dad always taught me to never lie, tell the truth and you won’t get in trouble (or so much trouble in my case) but thats how it always was and still is. I never remember getting in serious trouble because I was always up front with both of them. I would goof around and break something, but tell the story and then it was done. No time outs for me!

But my dad was never the one to tell me how much trouble I was in, he’d sit me down and talk to me like an adult and I’ll be truthful, I probably never knew what he was talking about. I was focused on toys or TV, or food. My dad and I have that classic father-daughter relationship and I am so blessed to have a great one with my dad. He was the one I called for when I had a nightmare, because dad’s can always scare away the monsters. My dad knew exactly how to make my peanut butter and banana sandwich to my liking. My dad was my hero, and I still consider him to be today. When I got hurt, it was him who I ran to. I can only imagine how different my life would of been if I didn’t have my dad, and I am so incredibly thankful I do have such a wonderful, loving, caring father in my life. He was my rock, the man I loved first in my life, the one who could always hold my hand in public. And he still his. I’ll never out grow being a daddy’s girl.

Happy Father’s Day daddy, I love you.

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