Half-Marathon Training

Well friends, the time has come. I can now OFFICIALLY start my training for my first ever half-marathon in October. I AM STOKED! I was going to start 3 weeks ago, but I was consumed with work and then managed to get bronchitis. That put a huge damper on my training plans. You know whats good about training plans? You can change them! And thats exactly what I did. I managed to find a good 17 week plan from Smart Coach and adjust it to the goal I need to meet. The plan is pretty much the same as what I wanted for the 20 week, but my longest run ends at 9 miles. Now that makes me nervous, but I’m not even there yet so no need to fret.

This week was Week 1. I was on schedule for 4 miles. For the whole week (score!). And I was in killer pain after my simple 2 miler on Wednesday, not even lying. When you haven’t ran for close to 20 days and run super hard for your first day out it can make you incredibly sore on the quads. Wednesday was a day off from work so I was like, “hey self, you don’t have to get up early so sleep in and run when you feel like.” Yeah still kicking myself for that mistake, but hey I’m human and love my sleep. Anyway my run was glorious, like the bees-knees. The next morning it felt as if a Mac truck ran me over. Thankfully I have my Aspaeris Compression Pivot shorts that I  squeezed into and felt some relief all day. Gotta love covert compression!

Pardon my tummy

After work on Thursday I foam rolled for a good 30 minutes and wanted to throw the damn thing into the wall, but the relief was heavenly. I love to hate it. Today was the second run on schedule, and it was again 2 happy miles. I love running my little heart out 🙂 Next week is pretty much the same, the milage doesn’t increase by much, (which I like) I will run  2, 2, and then 3 miles on Saturday. I want to be careful with this and not injure myself and not accomplish my goal.

Week 1 done and done. I seriously am so excited about this. I can’t wait to do weekly recaps on this training.

Also this week, I chopped off 4 inches of my beautiful long hair. I would also like to mention that a lot of people didn’t notice. Apparently my hair is still long, for me its short and I miss my hair. I will admit it looks soo much better, like healthy hair and not a hippie mess on my head.


2 thoughts on “Half-Marathon Training

  1. Traci @yellowWISHBONE says:

    Congratulations on the start of your half-marathon training! I just finished my first half in April and even though it was hard, and I got my butt kicked, I signed up for my second half two days later! Good luck! 🙂

    • Brooke says:

      Thank you so much! Congratulations on your first! I’m sure I’ll be addicted to this one and sign up for another. So far training a been good, I’ve got my last run for the week tomorrow, but I’m so nervous about the really long miles LOL. It’s too late now 🙂

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