Savannah Mile

Well my Memorial Day weekend started off wonderfully, such a great unofficial start to summer if I do say so myself. Saturday was my favorite race ever, the Savannah Mile. Its pretty much a full sprint mile to see how fast you can run it. Its glorious and fun. It also supports the Savannah 200 Club, for our fire fighters and police men of Chatham County.

My goal was to come in under 9 minutes. I ran on Thursday to see how fast I could go in 85°. Yeah was way too tired to get up in the morning and run a mile, lazy I know. I opted for the afternoon, even better. I finished right at 8:59. By the skin of my teeth I did it.

Not bad, not great in my mind. I really pushed at the end, because I saw my time and was feeling rough. Trying to book it in miserable weather and feeling like crap is hard. But I came in under my goal, so I figured I would on Saturday.

Lets jump to Saturday.

Weather was good, humid (no surprise) and mostly shady. Slight breeze also felt amazing. Look how pretty the scenery is here in Savannah, Spanish moss and massive town homes.

This isn’t a large race, which I’m ok with. It starts right on Drayton, heads north towards Broughton. You run all the way straight.  I passed the time by texting Zach and taking pictures of my feet.

Then they called us to our sides, and the gun went off. I felt amazing, got to 1/4 at 1:57 and half at 4: something. When I got to the half point I saw Zach, I waved and blew a kiss and guess what? He didn’t even see me. I could tell he was looking for me, but nope my husband never saw me. Might I add there was only 2 people around me, I was also in the middle of the road. Anyway, I still felt great and ran faster.

Got to the finish…

I finished in 8:44 and got 3rd in my age group! I was (and still am) excited and proud! I normally feel comfortable running at a 9:30-40 pace and to say I can shave off almost a minute and still feel great is HUGE in my book. I not only beat my goal, I came in 16 seconds under it. Wahoo! Downfall, Zach texted me if I had passed him yet and I quickly answered, “I’M ALREADY FINISHED!” Yeah he was still looking for me at 8 minutes. Love my husband.

We met up at the half point, and I told him my time and he was very proud, then we discussed why he didn’t see me. He apparently forgot what I was wearing. I guess wearing all black with a red hat isn’t my usual race outfit. Lesson learned to show my outfit beforehand even though we were in the car for 30 minutes together before the race.

Afterwards and before we had to leave downtown we replenished ourselves at Clary’s. Yummy biscuits and gravy with a huge class of chocolate milk.

Yummy! I hardly made a dint, that chocolate milk filled me up. Anyway that was my fun Memorial Day weekend.

How was your Memorial Day weekend?

Anyone have some fun races?

Thank you to all of those who serve to protect us and our great nation, and may we remember those who lost their lives fighting for us. You are our true heroes. 


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