Refuel and My After With Chocolate Milk

Happy Tuesday!

Little recap of my weekend: Zach and I spent our Saturday traveling north to Atlanta, his grandmother passed away early Friday morning. Her funeral service was Saturday and I am so fortunate for the man I married. Zach was there completely 100% for his mom, it was the sweetest thing you could imagine. Although Saturday was incredibly sad, she is in the most comforting place a person can go. She is with the Lord, her husband, and everyone else who loves her.

Sunday was spent in sweats and the only outing we had was to Cracker Barrel and Kroger. We were exhausted from the past week and Saturday. I ate this for 2 days.

Yummy french toast with blackberry compote

So yesterday, my FIL and I went looking at homes for sale. Ek! Being a homeowner is scary and exciting at the same time. But Zach and I aren’t looking to purchase until next spring, but its fun to look at homes. We got back and guess what was in the mail?! My gear from Refuel With Chocolate Milk which is now doing My After With Chocolate Milk. I got two shirts, both super comfortable. Love the tank the most, only because I like to run in tanks and not so much short-sleeved tees.

Don’t be jealous of my photos, the quality from the iPhone is top-notch let me tell ya. I can’t wait to run in them, and I can’t decide which one to race in this Saturday. But I look forward to My After with a big glass of low-fat chocolate milk.

Speaking of running, I’ve been SLACKING on my miles. Seriously, nothing more than 5-6 miles per week. I’m lucky if I hit 4. I went running Friday, it was hot and humid. It had just quit raining so I decided it’d be genius to squeeze in 2 miles. Yeah, big mistake. I was one mile in, swung by the house to grab some h20 and noticed clouds coming in. Thought, “sun is going away, perfect!” well I heard one boom of thunder and decided it wasn’t close so I could finish my 2 miles. Well wouldn’t you know, I was half a mile away when my dad called and delayed 6 minutes, but I kept reminding him about the weather so when he let me go it started to sprinkle. Within 30 seconds it was heavy downpour and literally hurting my body. I was soaked when I got to the house. Running in a shower of rain where you can’t see for .5 miles is tough. My clothes were heavy, dri-fit wasn’t working its magic.

Hopefully my new gear will motivate my drive to get outside and run! I really hope so, we’ll see. I gotta get my booty in gear before I start my half-marathon training. BTW I’m on my last “phase” of P90X, day 59 and on my way to 90! Wahoo!

How was your weekend?

Anything fun and exciting?

Do you drink low-fat chocolate milk after a run?


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