Yoga Can Change Your Life, I Pinky Promise

Yesterday I was reading PBR’s blog, check her out right here  and she was talking about perspective. She included her daily recap with her teaching a yoga class and how these students changed her whole perspective on a bad day that turned into a great day. After reading her blog, there was a video posted from YouTube.

I’m warning you now, its emotional (the good kind)

How amazing is this man?! For real, that is a real life inspiration. I cried from start to finish. This is why I love yoga, well any exercise for that matter. I promise you it only takes you trying to see a transformation. You will feel better everyday. You will notice a happier you. Now I’m not saying the practice of yoga is easy, in fact its challenging. But isn’t everything in life? Obstacles can be tackled with motivation and determination.

When I started yoga last year, I couldn’t touch my toes. I got to my shins. My goal (motivation) was to touch my toes without pain, I would stretch every day (determination) and guess what? I could grab my feet from underneath. It was hard, it was a struggle some days. I still struggle with balancing poses, lunge poses, and sometimes standing poses. Every yoga practice I take is different. Some days I’m in “yogi euphoria” where I just feel my body flowing from pose to pose. Other days I’m cussing at myself and struggling hard core and falling all over the place. But I try to complete the practice. That is my goal every time, to start and finish. What happens in between is what my body wants me to do.

Try yoga, I highly recommend it. Take Arthur as inspiration.


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