Southern Humidity Kills

Happy Monday!

Who else was running this morning? What was your weather like? Hopefully nothing like mine, because our weather sucks. Living in the South brings many great things, like strong loves for college football to summer baseball games in Atlanta to fine times at the beach. Whats not so great is the god-awful humidity that comes right around 6 am and lasts until the evening. It can be 70°, but thanks to humidity it feels of 80°. See the whole issue? Well I dragged my butt outside to get this run in that I’ve been delaying since last week. Some reason the running thing has been on the back burner. With all that is going on at work  (thankfully we are a little slower this week) to the anxiety and stress with Zach’s Grandmother’s failing health, running has not been a priority. Its bad when your husband goes, “Are you going running again?” …me “Why?”…Zach, “Because you get a little depressing when you don’t.” Wow, thank you honey, love you too. But he is totally right. When things that are stressful take over my life I tend to hold it in and people can feel my stress and anxiety. You know what else comes with that? Exhaustion.

Yeah there was no way I was getting up last week to run and get sweaty. I didn’t even finish the last 3 workouts from P90X. Thankfully I talked myself into running this morning, but sadly it wasn’t a grand run. Instead I was miserable and so over it. Weather was not good,

I sucked it up, prepared for the worst and prayed for the best. I even managed to dress properly.

FYI: That nasty cigarette is NOT mine, that is the husbands. He is trying to quit this year!

I blasted my music, looked ahead and the rest was blank. All I focused on, I kid you not, was the sweat that kept getting in my eyes and mouth. I’m sure the people that saw me were thinking, “that crazy runner girl keeps wiping her face” I was dying from the heat. No breeze, clouds coming in and out. I also forgot a water, oops. My first loop I came in the house to guzzle a glass a water, like I said I was dying.

My hot-sweaty mess finished just under 20 minutes for 2 miles. I didn’t say I looked amazing.

Don’t be jealous ladies 😉 I know you wish your sweaty hair would be stuck to your head and dripping in your eyes.

I am happy I got out, I do feel better. I just wish I had picked a better time! I know better, but when you’re talking yourself into doing something, procrastination is the worst! Thats exactly what I did though. Anyway, after my ok run I did P90X and I went up on my weights today. I now have jello arms and I’m wondering how am I going to wash my hair with spaghetti arms.

Its starting to storm over here (finally! we need it so bad) so I am doing nothing for the remainder of my day. Hope your Monday is going well!

2 thoughts on “Southern Humidity Kills

  1. Nikki says:

    I feel ya on the humidity, although I think you do have it a bit worse where you are! Summer definitely takes me indoors for my workouts. Stay hydrated love!

    • Brooke says:

      I’m jealous you get to run indoors Nikki! I wish I could run indoors, it would be dreamy! I know, I heard it from my mom today, “now Brooke I read your blog and you know you should really take some water.” LOL! I promise to bring some H2O on my next adventure 😉

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