Lack of Blogging

Sorry for being absent for much of the week, its been a tough one emotionally. Zach’s grandmother, who is 92, had a heart attack on Monday and Wednesday was put in her local Hospice Care. With all that is going on at work (we are super busy, like 8 weddings deep) this couldn’t of come at a worse time. The whole month of May is packed every weekend so we are desperately trying to figure out which weekend to come up, her doctor has given her 1-3 months left, but nothing is known. You can see our problem. We want to get up there ASAP before its too late.

We visited with her during Christmas and she was so happy to see us. We talked about our wedding, she sadly wasn’t able to come due to her health. She loves her Zachary, she adores him to death. I pray for him every night because I can’t imagine the pain he is dealing with. I am fortunate enough to have all 4 of my grandparents still alive and well.

Please keep her in your prayers. Keep us and our family in your prayers.

Its also May 4, my dad and his wife’s anniversary. Its a bitter-sweet day for me, I’m happy he is happy, but I’m crushed because she isn’t my mom nor will she be.


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