Susan G. Komen 5K Recap

Saturday was so much fun! I must say that this race might of been my favorite 5K, the atmosphere from everyone was wonderful. It definitely wasn’t sappy, it was joyous. The survivors had a small parade at the beginning of the events. It was wonderful that there was so many! I even managed to snap a pic of a beautiful survivor and her dachshund, she was so kind to let me take a picture. She also informed me she loves having her picture taken so it was no problem.

Check out that cute puppy’s hair! I about died, I was laughing so hard. This sweet girl looks just like my dachshund, Bonnie. But Bonnie doesn’t have the cool pink hair. Bummer for her 😉

The race was packed full, I was pushed back due to everyone cutting in the space and literally stepping on me. I didn’t mind, I just wanted to start running. My nerves were on fire and I just wanted to go!

The “runners on your mark” was called, the air horn went off, and I was still stuck walking for a good 1 min until I got to run. One thing I dislike about races like this, they should give you a chip for when you actually cross the line and finish when you cross the finish line. Instead this had one clock and it was just going from start to finish, boo. But I still managed to have a good time.

The weather was so nice at 7:45, but then the nice overcast-cloudy weather disappeared. Have I mentioned I live in South Georgia? Its humid, its humid, oh and its humid. Eventually when I was running, the sweat was falling into my eyes, mouth, everything. I couldn’t believe how hot it had gotten, and I wasn’t the only one. It was brutal. Oh and I saw 2 men running completely barefoot! Like no shoes, it was crazy. Plus men in tutus. Loved it all!

I managed to breeze through the first mile at a good pace, it was just so crowed and packed I couldn’t really go fast. Second mile was ok, not great though. I was slowing down, a lot! I had already passed the water station so having anything to drink was a negative, my shot bloks didn’t sound good. But I ate two anyway, but I never felt energy. The heat was zapping all I had and I was taking minor walk breaks every 5 minutes. It was such a struggle to run that last mile.

Getting to the finish line was awesome though, I saw the crowd getting heavy again and I really pushed. I ran the last .45 at a 6:04″ pace. I really wanted to finish! And I did 🙂

My official time was 34:25. I could of done a lot better, but I honestly wasn’t going to push myself because of the heat. Notice that distance on my final stat? 3.09, yeah because I started it late. Oops. Notice on the picture above, Broughton street was where the race started! I thought I started it on time, nope. I did manage however to calibrate it because even it wasn’t sure the distance.  For my first Susan G. Komen race it was a blast!

Zach was a great cheerleader, he waited for me at the finishing line. He even grabbed a water for me! Such a sweet husband. He then took me to J. Christopher’s, which I’ve never been to. We got there just in time before every other runner wanted to eat there. I rehydrated with some chocolate milk of course.

Delicious breakfast! So that was my wonderful race recap.


2 thoughts on “Susan G. Komen 5K Recap

    • Brooke says:

      Thanks girl! I normally struggle with the heat, and I definitely did on Saturday. But running with survivors really pushed me through even though I was done. It was a fun time!

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