Finding Our Way

Saturday night, Zach and I were picking up dinner and in the parking lot was this SUV with “Just Married?” on the back window. I mentioned to Zach that I had seen a lot of these cars around Savannah and asked if he’s seen them too. He was like, “yeah there must be a new destination wedding site or something, because they all have that site link on the window too.” Well I being in the Savannah wedding industry hadn’t heard of a new wedding service opening up in town. I snapped a picture of it to look online when we got home.

Well I typed in the given link and what came up was not a wedding website. I was first, amused thinking this is  a genius way to get people’s attention, second very interested in finding out more. It was a link to Savannah Christian Church.

No wonder I’d been seeing these all over town, never one did I notice the Savannah Christian Church sticker on the windows, but thats because majority of the city has them.

Now that I was looking through the website and came across the sermons, I couldn’t help but watch one. The previous sermons were called Christian Atheist and what a name right? It kinda scared me a bit, but then I was reading what the message was and it kinda felt like it was meant for me to find this. I’ve been living my life as a Christian Atheist in the sense of not living for God in the most Christian way.  I swear, I joke in crude manners, and sadly I don’t attend church as often as I would like to.

Some of them are directly what I need, some aren’t. For example, the ones I’m not too keen on are Week 2, Week 4, Week 5, Week 6, Week 7, and Week 9. All those are great, I’m 100% positive, but those aren’t what I need. I do pray, I’m not ashamed of my past…its lead me to where I am now, and I do believe God is fair, everything happens for a reason. Week 2 is confusing to me, I feel like its towards the single Christians, and not the married ones. Week 9, I’m not afraid to die, I just don’t want to come sooner. I’d like to have a family with Zach and live to see grandkids.

The one I watched was the first, “I Believe in God But No One Would Know It” and boy did it open my eyes. Everything he was preaching about settled in me. I knew exactly what he was saying, and I felt this horrible guilt. I haven’t been serving the Lord like I should. I do pray every night, I ask for forgiveness for not pleasing the Lord with whatever I did to disappoint that day. But I haven’t changed my daily life to better serve the Lord.

The message was spot-on. I was thinking about it all Sunday, I watched what I said and if I did slip up with my foul mouth I immediately felt bad. Its just refreshing to hear the Word in new ways, especially in relatable ways. Never once had I heard a sermon as real as this one, especially coming from a Pastor. Which by the way, Pastor Cam is fantastic. He is relaxed, cutting clean jokes to ease the tension on such a touchy subject. It felt as if he was talking directly to me. With ease, I was telling Zach about how great this was, how I felt a real connection with the sermon and how I desperately want to attend next Sunday’s service. He happily agreed. Now we are finding our way to a real Christian connection with the Lord, serving God as He intended.

If you’re interested in watching these sermons, visit Savannah Christian Church’s site.


2 thoughts on “Finding Our Way

  1. Brooke says:

    Hi Brooke, my name is Brooke too 🙂 I’ve got your blog on my google reader, and I just read this post and completely identified with you. I can emphathize with you – my husband have had those realizations recently too and are in the same spot now 🙂 I love that you posted this, thank you!

    • Brooke says:

      You are so welcome Brooke! I’m happy you found my little blog, and I’m so happy my post helped you. Its very hard to admit sometimes, but when you feel you should write up something always go with your gut. I’m just thrilled it helped someone else besides me!

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