Racing Dream Attained

Well my Saturday was something else. It was all about my hubby. I was a wife freaking out on the inside, but calm and collective on the outside. Why you might ask? Zach took his car out on the local track here in Savannah and was learning how to drive it as a track/race car. Yep. I nearly cried when he first left the pit lane.

This is a dream of Zach’s, to be be able to track his M3. He loves Grand-Am and Continental Racing. The boy lives for the Turner Motorsport’s Team. So when the chance to actually take his car out was available, he took it. This was better than the time Joey Hand took him out in the BMW Performance M3, which I also did a couple of laps in the Performance can read it all here.

We got up early, like earlier than I’ve ever gotten up for a race. 5:50 came way too soon. We arrived at Roebling Road around 7:30, Zach got his car ready and then it was time for Drivers Ed class. After the super quick (to me I thought maybe they ought to be in there longer than an hour) class it was time to hit the track. My nerves were horrendous. Literally fighting back tears because I was so terrified for my husband and his safety.

All was well in the end. Zach got to really drive his car the way its meant to be driven and I actually had a great time. By the time it was over I was so proud of Zach, he had picked up time and speed and was really looking like a race car driver. What can I say, we love racing in our little family.

Here are some pictures from our awesome Saturday!

Nervous and excited wife!

Part of his "crew"

I even managed to get a video of him coming around the straight-away.

And guess who I got to meet?! Ray K the Ultramarathoner! He has ran over 500 marathons and ultras and was giving me racing and running advice. It was just meant to be for us to be there Saturday. I can’t believe I was talking to a running legend!

It was a fantastic Saturday.

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