I’ma Show You How Great I Am

“We” as in my friend Brittney and myself. She and I have this crazy idea of running in a mud race/run and so far we’ve come up with nada. Only because our schedules are completely different and crazy. So she found a race that takes place next March, definitely enough time to plan ahead and take those days off. For our first mud race, we might of bitten off more than we can chew…

We are doing the Spartan Race.

They have a mandatory casualty insurance fee.

That means we might die. But boy we are excited! (and terrified sh– less!)

If you’ve never heard of the Spartan Race, here is a taste of what we shall look forward too, enjoy!

Now that video is a mashup of all the races. She and I are doing the Spartan Race Sprint which is only 4 miles of running and obstacles. Oh but the fire is included in all races, along with the men who try to knock you to the ground.

I’ve heard from Zach and my mom that I shouldn’t do it, that I can possibly get seriously injured. I had to tune them out, this is something I’ve wanted to do for a while. Not this exact race per say, but some sort of mud-obstacle run. I honestly believe we can do it. Brittney is in top physical shape, and I will be there finishing up P90X and continuing the workouts. I want to try something new besides a half marathon.

Its funny to think of Brittney and I doing this, because 5 years ago when we met you couldn’t get us outside unless we were laying out by a pool. We were girly-girls who loved to shop (and still do, but we love shopping for running shoes and what not) and get tan, (oh still do) and just party (kinda sorta still? Idk). She and I would of laughed at the idea of doing something like this, I mean we could of broken a nail. Pssh.

Now things are a complete 180 and I am so happy with it. She honestly inspires me to get in better shape, keep running, and being fit, but still having fun. We had a blast running the Savannah River Bridge Run in December last year, and we’ll be running the 13.1 Half Marathon in Atlanta this October, and now we can add the Spartan Race 2013 to the list. Wahoo!

I’ma show you how great I am!

Would you do the Spartan Race?

Have you ever had a race require a casualty insurance fee?

Whats the toughest race you’ve ever done?


4 thoughts on “I’ma Show You How Great I Am”

  1. Good luck girl! I’ve never heard of a Spartan race, but I did a bootcamp at my gym last summer and we did Spartan workouts which were killer! Awesome workouts, but wheeew they are tough. You can do it! I can only imagine how amazing it will feel after you accomplish it.

    1. Thanks Nikki! I can’t wait, seriously I am so excited. I think I’m more excited about the Spartan race than my upcoming first half marathon.

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