A Sunday Date

Yesterday was so great, honestly it couldn’t of gotten any better. Saturday was insane at work, its wedding season and we had tons of deliveries. We ended our super-long week at Bonefish Grill and had drinks. I even ordered dinner for Zach and I because I couldn’t wait to get home and do nothing. Last week as just like the one before, jam packed but with wedding cakes and not Ron Ben-Israel.

I started off yesterday with a nice run, I was pushing myself for the first mile and hit a good time and my pace was super high! 7:25! I’ve NEVER hit that pace, but I held it for half a mile. Not bad. I only ended with 3.19 miles but it was so nice out I didn’t mind. Yesterday was the first run since last Monday. P90X and work drained me and running was not on my mind.

But this was:


Zach took me to see The Hunger Games! Before I get to that, lets see what happened before our movie showing. I was hungry after my nice run, but the left overs didn’t sound good. Zach suggested mall food (even better right?) and I was like “ok…” ek knowing there was nothing I wanted from the food court, but a good ole’ Ruby Tuesday’s was in the mall. Done deal. I like the salad bar, like really like it. They offer spinach, edamame, hard boiled eggs-chopped-, and like 10 different salad dressings. I opted for a spinach, egg, edamame, bacon, cheese, and ranch salad with a side of broccoli salad and pasta salad. So healthy.

This was after I mixed it all up, and forgot to take a pretty picture of it beforehand. I was a hungry girl on a mission. I loved the broccoli salad. It was sweet and not onion-y. But the broccoli pieces were huge, I had to cut it up to eat it. Zach laughed and said I was like a child. I need my food cut up.

With my salad bar I got some sliders, but the zucchini ones. They were good, had red pepper and feta mixed in. Only down fall was they were kinda burnt.

Again, this was after I ate one. I seriously don’t know what was up with me taking pictures after I ate some. And notice that huge thing of ketchup? Yeah it came along with my 15 fries. Not equal portions. I could only eat the one, but saved the other.

After our lunch we were headed out to head over to the theatre across the street, when I mentioned getting candy at the store. It didn’t take much for Zach to agree 🙂 I wanted this…

But was told no. Apparently that would be “too loud” in the theatre. Psh, whatev. Truffles are never too loud for anything. Instead we got Jelly Beans!

A pound each 🙂 I opted for mostly the drink flavored ones, like margarita and what not. Zach got the only kind he eats, the sour ones. Not my favs. But with them hidden in my huge purse it was time for the movie.

I loved it. I think the movie stayed true to the book. Somethings were left out that could and should of been in there, but I’m not a movie screen-writer or director so I’ll keep my mouth shut. Overall it was great, great cast and  even Zach liked it. Some parts were sad, and if you read the book or seen the movie you know which ones I’m talking about. I can’t wait for the second one! I highly recommend you read the books.

That was our nice Sunday. I love spending days with Zach, especially after a long work week.

How was your weekend? Did you see The Hunger Games? What did you think?


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